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Pest Control Sunderland

Are you in need of help with a Pest Control issue in Sunderland or the surrounding area? Pest Solutions local branch has been providing expert pest control services to Sunderland and the surrounding area for years. We focus on offering high quality service that ensures long term protection from a wide range of different pests.

Pest Solutions Sunderland can assist with any kind of Pest problem you may face and at competitive prices. We offer an extensive range of pest control options, from Bird Control, to Bed Bugs, to Wasp Nest Removal. No matter what kind of pest you are facing, we can help.

Contact Pest Solutions for expert pest control in Sunderland today. We offer all of our clients a FREE survey from our expert team, allowing us to diagnose your pest issue and offer an effective response as quickly as possible.

Professional Pest Control Services Sunderland

Pest Solutions are full members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), the largest trade association of Pest Controllers in the UK pest control industry. We are also members of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA). Membership in the BPCA and NPTA provides the Pest Solutions Sunderland with all the training necessary to guarantee they can provide effective pest control services, no matter what kind of pest problem you find yourself facing and no matter what kind of environment it is to be found in.

Pest Solutions are committed to providing safe, responsible pest control services. This includes responsible rodenticide, insecticide, and chemical use during any pest control work we provide. We recognise the vital importance of meeting modern safety standards when it comes to Pest Control, and our team is trained to meet all of them.

Pest Solutions has over 20 years of experience in the industry, in which our team has provided expert pest control to clients all over the country. This mix of professional training, as well as extensive field experience ensures the Pest Solution Sunderland team is able to help with any kind of pest problem you might be facing. Our aim is to provide all our clients, domestic or otherwise, with affordable Pest Control services

Pest Solutions are proud of the reputation it has built up over the last 20 years in the British Pest Control Industry. Pest Solutions was recently nominated by the UK Pest Management Awards for its ‘Best Company’ category, finishing in the top 5 finalists. For Pest Solutions, ensuring our clients are satisfied with our service is vital – since our business is built on the confident recommendations of satisfied clients.

Commercial Pest Control Sunderland

Pest Solutions Sunderland has a long history of providing professional pest control for Commercial Clients in Sunderland. Our focus as always is on providing our Commercial clients with the highest quality of professional service. We offer Pest Control services that provide comprehensive coverage for our clients, ensuring their property and business is kept safe from a wide range of different pests,

A pest problem can become a serious issue for commercial businesses or properties. Pests pose a serious health and safety risk. They may spread disease or food poisoning (a major worry if your business is involved in the manufacture of food, or is in the hospitality industry). A pest control problem may cause damage to the property itself – such as the damaging and destruction of expensive equipment and appliances. Some pests can damage wiring, cables, and pipes, which can cause electrical fires and flooding. This is costly, damages staff morale, and can end up seriously impacting your business.

Because of this, it is key if you find yourself dealing with pest problems on your commercial property that you enlist the services of professional pest controllers who can provide an effective service. Pest Solutions has been providing Sunderland’s commercial businesses with expert protection for years, and we’ve developed a wealth of different protection options for our clients to choose from. This means in the case of a pest issue emerging, Pest Solutions can respond quickly. Our contracts are always tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Pest Solutions Sunderland are well aware of all of the current legislation relating to health and safety and audit standards that are expected of commercial businesses, especially for those in hospitality and the food industry where these requirements are of great importance. Many insurance companies and professional standards expect a comprehensive pest control service to be in place to ensure consumers are protected from issues relating to disease or contamination of products. Property owners likewise are in many cases expected by law to ensure many kinds of pests, such as Rats and Mice, are removed. Pest Solutions comprehensive pest control service will fulfil these needs. The Pest Solutions team likewise are committed to responsible rodenticide, insecticide, and chemical use,

In our time serving Sunderland, Pest Solutions have provided pest control services to a wide range of different properties and businesses. These include cafe’s, industrial sites, hotels, food manufacturing sites, deli’s, pubs, restaurants, storage facilities, and more. This means our Pest Technician team has not only the skills, but experience necessary to deal with pests in practically any Sunderland commercial environment – whether it’s ants, mice, bed bugs, or cockroaches.

Contact Pest Solutions today for a free survey of your property and for more information about our comprehensive coverage for commercial businesses and property.

Domestic Pest Control Sunderland

Pest problems in the home are upsetting and difficult experiences. Pest problems can emerge even with minimal resources or shelter, and can often thrive in even hostile environments. Because of this, even a small pest infestation can grow out of hand very quickly if treatment isn’t applied.

Pest Solutions Sunderland is well aware of just how unpleasant and difficult Pest issues in the home can be, and we offer a service which will bring a quick and discreet end to the unwanted pest problem in your home. Our team have access to modern methods of treatment which will guarantee your pest control problem is handled quickly.

Pest Solutions focusses on providing long term preventative measures to ensure properties are kept protected in the long term. This includes proofing, which will stop the entry of Mice, Rats, and other Pests into the home, as well as expert advice on how to avoid dealing with pests in the future.

Pest Solutions team is trained to the highest standards and will quickly respond to any call out. No matter what kind of pest issue you find yourself facing, whether it is rats, mice, wasps, birds, or bed bugs, our team can provide you with expert help. Pest Solutions team are all BPCA and RSPH qualified, meaning they have access to the skills and equipment required to ensure any pest problem you face is dealt with quickly and safely.

If you’re in need of expert Domestic Pest Control services, give our team a call today.

Pest Bird Control Sunderland

Birds pose both a serious health and safety risk as well as major problems for property in Sunderland. Part of our expert pest control in Sunderland is Pest Solutions Bird Control team, who will ensure you are kept protected. We have experience and training for handling many Bird species, and offer our services at competitive prices.

Birds pose many problems. Their fouling is well known for spreading disease-causing pathogens and bacteria, not to mention the slip and fall risk (a serious issue around busy buildings). Bird fouling is highly acidic, and so will overtime seriously damage buildings. Older properties in particular will suffer seriously from the acidity of Bird fouling. Accumulated Bird droppings, better known as guano, is a risk in of itself. Not only is it a source of disease and a breeding ground for other pests (mainly insects) but it can cause property damage due to its sheer weight. Pest Solutions Sunderland can offer services not only to proof against Birds, but also to clean accumulated Bird Guano.

Bird Proofing Options

Preventative measures are the best way to control a Bird Problem, offering long term protection against Bird Pests. Common preventative measures we use to deal with pest bird issues include,

  • Bird Spike Systems
  • Bird Wire Systems
  • Bird Netting Systems
  • Laser and Electronic Deterrents
  • Falconry

This is only part of our extensive range of options for handling a pest problem. Our choice of preventative measure is based on the environment and property to ensure it will be successful. In most cases, we advocate the use of a mix of proofing measures, as individual measures are unlikely to prevent the return of a Bird pest issue in the long term.

Pest Solutions Sunderland approaches Bird Proofing by way of a FREE survey, where an expert surveyor will examine the property and discuss with you any special requirements. We can then implement a full proofing program that will ensure your property is protected from any Bird pests. Contact us today if you are in need of help with a Pest Bird issue.

Bird legal Protections

With the exception of Feral Pigeons and Canada Geese, many Bird species (under current legislation) are protected under law and without a licence, pest control action cannot be taken against them. It is for this reason that it is vital you make use of experts like Pest Solutions for any treatment relating to Birds. Attempts at ‘DIY’ pest control may result in breaches of the law.

Pest Solutions, as part of its pest control in Sunderland, can acquire any licences required and always keeps up to date with any important current legislation relating to Birds.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Pest Solutions has been handling pests in Sunderland and the surrounding area for over 20 years. We provide pest control service for a wide range of different pests. Pests our team deals with include Insects, Birds, and Rodents.

Pest Solutions Sunderland commonly provide pest control for the following pest species:

  • Rats: Rats are some of the most common pest species in Sunderland and one of the most common pest problems in the UK. Rats spread disease (including food poisoning) and causing property damage and can breed in huge numbers – even with minimal resources. Due to their ability to thrive on even a small amount of food and shelter, Rats will thrive in both domestic and commercial environments. Pest Solutions team will not only remove existing pests, but with our full proofing program you’ll be protected against future infestations.
  • Mice: Mice are a common pest control issue all over the UK, and Sunderland is no exception. Mice can thrive on very little in the way of food and shelter, and can breed in huge numbers. Mice frequently infest both domestic and commercial properties, where they can spread disease, and cause serious damage to the property itself. Mice can slip through gaps as small as 5mm, meaning that practically any property can find itself dealing with a Mice infestation.
  • Common Garden Ants: Ants frequently invade businesses and homes in search of food for their nests, which often develop close by to both domestic and commercial properties. Ants breed in huge numbers, and their presence is not only frustrating but they are practically immune to non-professional removal. Pest Solutions Sunderland has a wealth of effective means at its disposal to remove Garden Ants from any property.
  • Wasps Nest Removal: Wasps are one of the most difficult pest species to deal with. The Wasps aggressive demeanour and painful sting makes them deeply unpleasant to deal with. Having a Wasps Nest (also called a Byke) on your property can as such be a horrible experience. You should never attempt Wasp Nest Removal by yourself; not only are the Wasps themselves capable of inflicting painful stings, but the insecticides required to remove the nest can be dangerous if mishandled. Pest Solutions Sunderland are fully equipped for safe, reliable Wasps Nest Removal.
  • Bees: Bees in most cases do not require treatment and can be safely ignored, and in most cases Pest Solutions Sunderland will not recommend removing them. Bees play a vital role in the pollination of flowers and are a key part of the environment. In cases where Bees pose a danger to health, our team can provide assistance. Pest Solutions Sunderland will, when possible, try and involve a local Beekeeper to assist in relocating a Bees nest.
  • Dermestes Beetles: Pest Solutions Sunderland deals with Dermestes Beetles on a regular basis and encounters them in both domestic and commercial settings. The Dermestes family includes both Hide Beetles and Larder Beetles, who as their name suggests, enjoy feeding on food scraps (as well as cast skin and hairs). They are a very common pest, and we have a range of effective measures to deal with them.
  • Varied Carpet Beetle: The Varied Carpet Beetle are among the most common of all insect pests. Carpet Beetles feed upon the debris that naturally accumulate in carpets. They are some of the easiest pests to attract. Pest Solutions can make quick work of these infestations on your behalf.
  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches are an extremely unpleasant pest to deal with and unfortunately one of the most common in the UK. The most common Cockroach Species in the UK are the Oriental Cockroach and German Cockroach. Cockroaches spread disease (including food poisoning), cause allergic reactions, and require professional services to remove due to their incredibly hardy nature. Cockroaches are common in homes and commercial buildings (such as hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, and hotels), where they have the potential to cause serious harm to health and reputation.
  • Bed Bugs: Another infamous pest, Bed Begs are a major pest control problem. Bed Bugs feed on human blood and require no other sustenance. They are incredibly tough, and effectively immune to all ‘DIY treatment’. Bed Bugs breed quickly and are easily capable of infesting an entire property. They are an incredible issue for businesses in the hospitality and hotel industry, not only causing serious health and safety concerns, but posing a massive pest control issue for reputation as well. Bed Bugs immunity to practically any DIY or amateur treatment means that professional control methods are necessary.
  • Fleas: Fleas (also called the ‘Cat Flea’) is the most common biting insect in the UK. While Fleas are mainly associated with people who own pets, Fleas can end up affecting practically any home or commercial properties. Fleas spread incredibly quickly
  • Flies: There are a huge number of Flies in the UK. Filth Flies like Blue Bottles and House Flies are a serious source of disease, spreading illness and food poisoning. They are a major problem for not only commercial properties (especially those in the hospitality industry), but for homes as well. Other species of Flies, while not spreading disease, remain a serious nuisance and Pest Solutions Sunderland offers effective measures for the control and prevention of Fly pest control problems.
  • Moths: There’s a huge number of different Moths in the UK, and they are one of the most common pest control problems in the country and Sunderland is no exception. Moths tend to fall into one of two categories; Stored Products Insects or Textile Pests. Stored Product Moths destroy food stocks by infesting them . Textile Pest Moths destroy clothes, fabrics and other materials.
  • Grey Squirrels: Grey Squirrels are one of the biggest pest control issues in the whole of the UK. Grey Squirrels breed in huge numbers, and will enter homes for food and shelter, where they will proceed to chew and gnaw upon any materials they can find – destroying wires and cables and creating serious hazards.
  • Rabbits: Rabbits can cause serious damage to crops and because of their ability to breed in huge numbers can cause major agricultural problems. Rabbits cannot be handled via ‘DIY’ pest control and require the work of professionals to remove.
  • Moles: Moles are a serious pest control issue because of the damage they can cause to the structural integrity of gardens and fields. This causes both horrendous aesthetic damage, but can also result in injury to livestock.
  • Feral Pigeons: Feral Pigeons pose a health and safety risk due to their fouling, which spreads disease and poses a slipping hazard. Pigeons, and other pest birds like them, can be controlled through proofing measures which prevent them from easily
  • Gulls: Gulls aggressive behaviour and tendency to nest close to people creates a serious problem, and requires professional pest control services to properly manage. Pest Solutions have a wealth of options for handling birds such as Gulls, and will ensure they

How We Handle Your Call

When you get Pest Solutions a call our team will ask you a few simple questions about your pest problems. These allow us to properly diagnose the nature of the pest problem and guarantee you’re provided with an effective response to it.

Our team will ask you what you have seen, what you have experienced, and where the pest issue is located, and anything else or any more information you may have noticed or may have which will allow us to diagnose the nature of your pest problems. If we are unable to diagnose the nature of your pest problems over the phone, we can provide you with a FREE survey. All of this information will allow us to diagnose the nature of the problem and formulate an effective response.

Pest Solutions identification surveys are free of charge. Height and Investigate surveys carry a standard cost of £60 + VAT. If you end up proceeding with our proposed plan for pest control,

For more information about our service, get in touch with Pest Solutions Sunderland today by calling us or giving us an email.

Pest Control Near me in Sunderland

Pest Solutions Sunderland is a fully professional service which has been serving the Sunderland area for over 20 years. Because we’re based locally, we can quickly respond to any call out that’s made. Pest Solutions covers Sunderland as well as the surrounding areas.

This includes Chester le Street, Houghton le Spring, New Silksworth, County Durham, Hexham, Peterlee, Gateshead, Hartlepool, Hebburn, Horden, Jarrow, Murton, Washington Tyne and Wear, Corbridge, Hexham, Seaham.

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