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Pest Control Middlesbrough

Pest Solutions Middlesbrough are an expert local pest control company. We offer a fully professional service with a focus on a high quality of service and long term protection, and provide this to a wide range of commercial and domestic clients in Middlesbrough and the surrounding region. No matter what kind of pests you find yourself facing, Pest Solutions

Pest Solutions Middlesbrough provide a fully professional pest control service. We can guarantee a quick response to any kind of pest problems you find yourself facing. Whether you require Wasp Nest removal or need help with Bed Bugs or Gulls, our professional Pest Technician team are here to help.

For dependable and reliable service in handling a serious pest problem, choose Pest Solutions as your local pest control company today. Pest Solutions offers all clients a FREE survey by our expert team, ensuring your pest issue can be handled quickly and effectively.

Middlesbrough Pest Control Services

Professional Pest Control Solutions

Pest Solutions is a fully professional service. Our team of Pest Technicians are accredited by both the British Pest Control Association (the BPCA, the UK Pest Control Industry’s largest trade association of pest control companies) as well as the National Pest Technicians Association (NPCA).

Pest Solutions Middlesbrough is fully committed to providing its customers with safe, responsible pest control services. Our Pest Technician team is fully trained in the safe use of insecticides, rodenticides, and other chemicals and materials used in the control of a wide range of different pest species.

Pest Solutions has been providing professional pest control services for over 20 years. Our team at Middlesbrough Pest Solutions are proud of the reputation we’ve built up for the highest standards of customer service in the pest control industry. We focus on providing great communication, ensuring you’re kept up to date about the state of your property and any pest control issues. It also means we have an excellent and fast response time to any pest problem our clients may face.

The Middlesbrough Pest Solutions team are well aware of important legislation relating to health and safety, as well as vital audit standards. In recent years, the standards expected for health and safety for commercial business and properties have only grown tighter. Many insurance companies furthermore now expect that a comprehensive pest control service is in place to protect against and deal with any pest issues that end up emerging – to ensure customers are kept safe. Pest Solutions expert Pest Technician team has kept on top of audit standards and other important legislation.

Commercial Pest Control Middlesbrough

The Pest Solutions Sunderland pest technician team has been providing commercial clients with expert pest control services.

Commercial properties and business suffer serious risks from pest infestations. Pests pose a serious health and safety risk, given their ability to spread a wide range of different diseases as well as food poisoning (which is a major worry for those businesses involved in the manufacture of food). The potential to breach important health and safety legislation is a serious worry for any business, given the potential for fines and even closure. Many pests can damage the property itself – or equipment. The chewing of wires, pipes, cables, and other equipment can result in flooding and even electrical fires. This is not to mention the issue of damage to reputation. Pest control issues can prove costly – especially in the long run, while undermining staff morale and harming your ability to do business.

As a business or commercial property owner it’s vital that you can call upon professional pest control team who can deliver a fast response as well as great service. At Pest Solutions, we have worked hard to build up a reputation for professional ability and have worked hard to provide great service to all our commercial clients. Pest Solutions understands every business has different needs, and all our comprehensive protection packages are tailored to meet the requirements of our business clients. We will always ensure great communication, and a fast response to

Get in contact with Pest Solutions today for a FREE survey of your property or business. We will also provide you with more information about our comprehensive coverage schemes, and answer any other questions you have about our control services.

As a Pest Control Company, Pest Solutions has a huge range of experience working in the industry and providing comprehensive protection and treatment to commercial property and businesses. Among the clients we have provided control services to in include restaurants, cafe’s, pubs, deli’s, hotels, industrial sites, storage facilities, schools, food manufacturing sites, and more. This provides our team with an incredible range of experience, meaning no matter kind of commercial property you require us to work in we’ll always be able to help.

If you have found your commercial property or business in need of professional pest control service, give Pest Solutions Middlesbrough a call today.

Domestic Pest Control Middlesbrough

The presence of Pests in the home can be an upsetting experience, not to mention difficult. Pests can emerge in the home with minimal resources and seemingly no cause at all; many insects, rodents, and other pests often seem to come out of nowhere. It is necessary to ensure professional services to ensure a Pest Control issue is solved before it grows out of hand.

Pest Solutions team is well aware of just how unpleasant and difficult a Pest control issue can be to deal with in your home. It’s because of this that we offer both quick and discreet treatment for our customers and clients. The methods used by our pest control Middlesbrough team are modern and efficient, guaranteeing any pest you face is removed in the quickest possible time.

Our Pest Technician team is focussed on providing long term preventative measures to guarantee a property is protected in the long term, and doesn’t face a recurring pest issue. We offer proofing measures, which will ensure any potential ‘entry points’ for Mice, Rats, and other pests are sealed and so your home is protected from the unwanted entry of these pests.

Pest Solutions team is fully trained and we never skip on the quality of our service, with a strong focus on fast responses and attempting same day service when possible. Our team is trained to handle all different kinds of pests, whether they be Bed Bugs, a Wasp Nest, Rats, Mice, or Ants. Pest Solutions team is fully qualified by the BPCA, meaning that by going with our control services you get access to professional skills as well as equipment that can guarantee a fast response to any pest problem you are dealing with.

If you’re looking for expert Domestic Pest Control, give Pest Solutions a call today.

Pest Bird Control Middlesbrough

It is vital to treat a Pest Bird population due to the potential health and safety problems it can bring. This is not to mention the potential issues it poses to property as well. Pest Solutions expert control Middlesbrough services include our Bird Control team. They have years of experience as well as extensive training and education for handling a wide range of different Bird species at competitive prices.

Birds pose all sorts of problems to people and property. Bird fouling is the main problem; not only does it spread serious diseases and illnesses, but it is strongly acidic too – resulting in damage to property (especially older properties). Accumulated Bird droppings will become guano, which are not only a breeding ground for insect pests, but can become a great weight as it accumulates moisture. This can easily damage roofing. Removing Bird droppings and guano is itself dangerous due to the disease it carries, and should always be left to professionals like Pest Solutions.

Bird Proofing Options

Pest Solutions Middlesbrough can install a wide variety of different Bird proofing options for its customers. These include,

  • Bird Spike Systems
  • Bird Wire Systems
  • Bird Netting Systems
  • Laser and Electronic Deterrents
  • Falconry Systems

This is only a small selection of options our control services offer for handling Bird pests. Pest Solutions Middlesbrough always take into account the nature of the local environment and property before applying proofing measures – guaranteeing that the measures are both appropriate and safe. In general, we always advocate the use of a mix of Bird proofing measures to maximise effectiveness.

Pest Solutions Sunderland provide a FREE survey for all our clients. One of our expert surveyor team members will examine the property and discuss with you any special requirements or needs. After this, we will begin to implement a full proofing programme which guarantee your property is kept safe in the long term against Bird pests. Get in touch with us today for help with a Bird pest issue.

Bird Legal Protections

With the exception of Feral Pigeons and Canada Geese, a majority of the UK’s Bird Species possess legal protections which mean they cannot be removed without a licence. This is one of the reasons it is vital you use a professionally accredited company. Any attempts to use ‘DIY’ pest control when it comes to birds could result in a breach of the law.

Pest Solutions can acquire any license necessary for dealing with a Bird issue on your behalf. Our team constantly keeps up to date on legislation related to Pest Birds, meaning we can keep you informed on any relevant legal matters or issues.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Pest Solutions Middlesbrough can treat a huge range of different pests.

Pest Solutions Middlesbrough provides pest control services for the following pest species:

  • Rats: Rats are among the most common pests Pest Solutions Middlesbrough deals with. They are also one of the worst pest problems to deal with, due to their ability to spread disease and food poisoning, as well as the property damage. Rats pose a serious pest control problem because they can thrive on a tiny amount of food and shelter, allowing them to quickly overrun both commercial and domestic environments. Pest Solutions Middlesbrough can remove any Rat pest control problem while also implementing proofing measures to ensure the problem doesn’t return.
  • Mice: Mice problems are common all over England and Middlesbrough is no exception. Mice thrive on even tiny amounts of food and shelter, and unfortunately this means they will quickly end up infesting homes or commercial properties. Mice are able to squeeze through gaps as small as 5mm, and this means that practically any property is vulnerable to a mice pest control issue. Pest Solutions Middlesbrough provides quick and discreet Mice Control.
  • Common Garden Ants: Ants are one of the most common pest control problems faced by our Middlesbrough customers. Ant Nests commonly emerge near to commercial and domestic properties, which the Ants will enter in huge numbers in search of food for their Queen and young. Ants are a resilient pest problem which requires professional control services to remove.
  • Dermestes Beetles: The Dermestes Beetle Family includes both Hide and Larder Beetles, who (as their names suggest), feed upon the cast skins (hides) of other insects, but also upon food products found in larders. They are very common in Middlesbrough, and can be found in both Commercial and Domestic properties.
  • Varied Carpet Beetles: As their name suggests, Carpet Beetles can most often be found in or around your carpet, feeding on dead skin, hair, and food debris. Carpet Beetles are some of the most common pests our team deals with.
  • Wasps Nest Removal: You should never attempt Wasp Nest Removal yourself. Wasps aggressive nature and painful sting means this will more than likely end up being a painful experience for you. In the worse case scenario, misuse of the powerful insecticides required to destroy a Wasps Nest or an allergic reaction to the Wasps Sting (anaphylaxis) can end up having a serious impact on your health. Pest Solutions Middlesbrough can ensure a quick and safe removal of a Wasps Nest.
  • Bees: It is only in rare cases that Bees will be removed by our team. In cases where Bees pose a danger to human health in which our team will remove them.
  • Cockroaches: Common Cockroach Species in the UK include the Oriental Cockroach and German Cockroach. Cockroach pest control issues are extremely common, and also deeply unpleasant to deal with. Cockroaches spread a wide range of serious diseases and illnesses – including food poisoning, create odours, and also cause allergic reactions. Cockroaches can be found in many different places; homes, commercial businesses and properties (including hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and restaurants). Cockroaches are a notoriously tough pest and require professional pest control services to remove. Pest Solutions Middlesbrough can handle a Cockroach issue for you quickly, ensuring the problem does not return.
  • Bed Bugs: Bed Bugs are amongst the worst Pest Control issues you can end up facing. Bed Bugs feed on human blood and breed in huge numbers, being capable of infesting an entire home (or even a hotel, hostel, or other commercial property) in an incredibly short amount of time. Bed Bugs are a painful, uncomfortable experience and are incredibly tough as well – being resilient to practically all treatment besides that of professional pest controllers. It’s necessary to make use of professional pest control services to remove Bed Bugs, as they must be subject to fumigation and are resilient to all other kinds of treatment.
  • Fleas: The most common biting insect in the UK is the Cat Flea. Despite their name, Fleas do not always come from pets and can infest practically any commercial or domestic environment. Fleas are able to spread at an incredible rate, and can only be handled via the fast response of professional pest controllers.
  • Flies: There are many different species of Fly in the UK. Filth Fly species, such as Blue Bottles and House Flies, are a serious pest which spreads disease and illness, including food poisoning. Flies are a serious problem for commercial properties (especially those in the hospitality industry) as well as domestic property, given their spread of disease. Other Flies are a seriously annoying nuisance pest. Pest Solutions Middlesbrough have a wide range of effective measures and service options to control a Fly pest problem.
  • Moths: Moths tend to fall into one of two categories: Textile Moths, which are Moths that feed on Clothes, Fabrics and other materials, and Stored Product Moths. Stored Product Moths larvae feed on various food products found in both commercial warehouses and food manufacturing sites as well as pantries – contaminating and ruining the products in the process. Moths are a resilient and hardy pest which require the use of potent insecticides and fumigation – which will ensure the larvae (which cause the damage) are dealt with.
  • Grey Squirrels: Squirrels are one of the most prolific pest species in the UK, and pose some serious problems. Squirrels will destroy cables, wires, and strip the surface from wooden materials. Grey Squirrels necessitate the use of professionals.
  • Rabbits: Rabbits are well known for breeding in huge numbers and causing serious damage to crop fields. Rabbits are tough animals and cannot be handled using ‘DIY’ methods, and will require professional services to properly handle.
  • Moles: Moles are a common pest in gardens and fields, where they can cause serious damage in terms of structural integrity. As well as causing aesthetic damage, ‘Mole Runs’ can result in injuries to both livestock and people.
  • Feral Pigeons: Probably one of the most common pest species there are, Pigeons are a serious problem due to their fouling (which spreads disease, is a slipping hazard, and damages buildings and property). Pest Solutions offer effective proofing measures which will ensure both property and people are protected from Feral Pigeons.
  • Gulls: Gulls are large, aggressive birds who can become a serious problem during their breeding season – especially if they nest close to people. Pest Solutions expert technicians offer a range of measures to proof a property against Gulls.

How We Handle Your Call

When you call Pest Solutions our team will ask some simple questions in order to properly diagnose the nature of the pest control problem you find yourself facing. These ensure the response our Pest Technician team provides is effective and suited to dealing with the problem.

We will ask what you have seen, what kind of issues you have experienced, and where the pest problems seem to be located. We’ll also ask for any other useful information you may have that will allow us to diagnose the type of pest control problems you are facing. In some situations it is not possible to properly diagnose an issue over the phone, so we offer a FREE survey by a member of our expert Pest Technician and Surveyor team. We aim for a quick response and same day service by our team, ensuring your pest issue can be handled as quickly as possible.

The standard identification surveys provided by Pest Solutions are free of charge and come with a no obligation offer for treatment. We also provide Height and Investigative surveys – which carry a standard cost of £60 alongside VAT. If you proceed with our proposed plan for pest control, this will be refunded against the quote for your treatment.

For additional information on the services offered by Pest Solutions Middlesbrough, give us a call or email today.

Pest Control Near me in Middlesbrough

The team at Pest Solutions Middlesbrough a fully professional team and we have been providing professional pest control to the Middlesbrough region for well over 20 years. We’re locally based, meaning our pest control service can offer a quick response to any kind of issues you end up facing Pest Solutions Middlesbrough provide service to both Middlesbrough and the surrounding region.

Areas we offer treatment to include, Great Ayton, Great Broughton, New Marske, High Leven, Low Worsall, Heaverton, Haverton Hill, North Skelton, Middleton on Leven, Berwick Hills, Seave Green, Skelton Green, North Ormesby, Park End, North Yorkshire, Great Busby, Port Clarence, Brambles Farm, Grove Hill, Marske by the Sea, Saltburn by the Sea, South Bank, Chop Gate.

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