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About Pest Solutions

Pest Solutions was founded back in 2001, and since then has become an industry leader in the UK Pest Control market. Our team works all over the country, providing top quality Pest.

The Pest Solutions team started up work back in 2001, beginning business in Glasgow. Since then, we’ve expanded rapidly, with branches all over the country. Our team is made up not only of experts and well-educated staff, but friendly professionals eager to help with any issue. We remain dedicated as ever to our goal of delivering high quality pest solutions and control options to clients all over the UK, with no corners cut, and no gimmicks or shortcuts.

Pest Solutions has a wealth of experience working all over the country and providing the highest quality service on the market. Our mission at Pest Solutions is providing clients, commercial or domestic, with the best pest control services they can receive. We aim to fulfil this with every service.

Always Aiming for the Best Quality of Service

Pest Solutions has worked hard to build a reputation for always providing the best service we can.

Pest Solutions was founded on the belief that clients and customers should always get the best possible service there is, with no corners cut. Our ethos is that no matter who we are providing help to, or what kind of pest needs to be removed, our team will provide the client with effective service at an affordable price. We’ve no interest in providing people with amateur or subpar work, and always aim to make sure they get exactly what they need – and that they get it as quickly as they possibly can. We always aim to ensure clients get their moneys worth when it comes to our service.

Over two Decades of Industry Experience

Pest Solutions has been working in the Pest Control market for well over two decades, providing us with a huge wealth of experience to draw upon in any situation.

Pest Solutions was founded back in 2001 by a core team of pest control industry experts. Since then, our team has expanded massively, with a wide range of specialists in all areas of pest control.

Pest Solutions has branches all over the UK, and we’ve worked in a wide variety of different properties, environments, and with a huge range of customers and clients. Our broad range of commercial and domestic experience means we know the ins and outs of a whole host of different properties.

We’re proud of the field experience our team has accumulated over the last 20 years. No matter if you’re dealing with a pest issue in the home or in a business, Pest Solutions has the necessary experience to provide expert help.

A Dedication to Customer Service

A major part of the Pest Solutions ethos is our dedication to ensuring our customers get the best possible service they can. Its our belief that people can access the best professional pest control they can.

At Pest Solutions, we believe customers always come first.

Pest Solutions was built on the belief that customers deserve the best possible service they can get. Our team has always believed that a client should get exactly what they need, and always deserve a comprehensive approach – suited to their needs – when it comes to pest control. Bespoke service is our speciality, and we’re proud of our reputation for providing clients with the specific response they need to handle their pest control issue – regardless of their property, pest issue, and situation, we believe a customer should always get the best service they can.

Pest Solution is a business built on its reputation among its clients. Most of our business and work come from the recommendations of previous satisfied clients, and this is true both in our work with commercial and domestic properties. As such, we always strive to ensure customers get the best possible service.

A major part of our mindset at Pest Solutions is that successful pest control is not handling problems just as they emerge, but ensuring clients have long term protection. Our service is focused on ensuring our customers, whether they’re commercially or domestically based, can avoid having to face recurring pest issues. We accomplish this through expert methods to eradicate existing pests, as well as through the experienced application of proofing and educational advice to keep clients protected from a problem returning in the future.

It’s not just the quality of the solutions that matter to us either. Part of our ethos about giving customers the best service they can receive includes a dedication to friendliness and empathy. We understand pest issues can be distressing and embarrassing. Our team is always friendly and understanding in these situations.

A Focus on Discretion and Privacy

Part of our dedication to providing clients with the best service is our dedication to discretion and privacy. Not only will our team quickly eradicate the pest problem you find yourself facing, but we’ll ensure it’s done with the greatest concern for privacy and discretion.

Award Winning Pest and Bird Control Services

Pest Solutions is proud of the recognition its team of Pest Technicians, Field Biologists, Experts, and Support Staff have received over the years for their service in the industry.

Professionalism is everything for Pest Solutions. It’s our belief customers should always be able to get a service which gives them the best value for money – with no corners cut, and no amateur work provided. Our dedication to professionalism has seen our team recognised by a range of different industry awards – with our team consistently pitted against other top pest control companies. Some of our awards in the last few years include,

2021 UK National Pest Awards

  • Finalist in “Company of the Year” Awards
  • Winner of the UK “Technician of the Year” Awards
  • Winner of the UK “Young Technician of the Year” Award

2020 British Pest Control Association Member Awards (BPMAs)

  • Winner of the BPCA “Commitment to Training” Award
  • Winner of the PPC “Magazine Honouree Editor” Award
  • Commended in the “Outstanding CPD” Award

2019 British Pest Management Awards

  • Finalist in “Company of the Year” Awards

Our award recognition is among the most consistent in the UK industry awards for any pest control company and is firm evidence of our firm commitment to always providing the best possible service to our clients.

Accreditation and Qualifications

Pest Solutions provide customers with the highest quality pest control on the market. Part of this dedication is our extensive professional accreditation by the top independent bodies in the Pest Control industry.

As a professional pest control service and company, Pest Solutions possess a full range of accreditation from the pest control industry. The various organisations we are members of and auditory bodies we’ve been assessed by guarantees that the service we provide is of the highest standard in the pest control industry and on the market.

Pest Solutions are fully accredited members of the BPCA, the British Pest Control Association. The BPCA is the largest trade association of pest control companies in the UK, and membership in the BPCA requires an applying company to meet a strict criteria. The BPCA works to ensure that the pest control industry in Britain maintains the highest standards of work. As BPCA pest controllers, Pest Solutions,

  • Follow strict codes of best practice, which are regularly reviewed and subject to audit to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Possess full training for the correct use of equipment, as well as the safe use of insecticides, pesticides, and other chemicals.
  • Meet important training standards, guaranteeing the ability to provide effective service to clients and customers.

As members of the BPCA, we must always maintain the highest standards of professionalism and training. This guarantees our customers always get the best service they can.

Pest Solutions aren’t just members of the BPCA. We are also certified by CEPA, the European Association of Professional Trained Pest Managers. CEPA specifies the requirements and competency which pest control companies must meet to provide service to clients – both commercial and domestic. It puts us in contact with experts from all over the Pest Control industry not just in Britain, but in Europe as well – giving us access to a huge wealth of different skills.

This is only a small selection of the full professional accreditation held by Pest Solutions. Our company also holds all the necessary PASMA and IPAF certifications for work at height, ensuring our experienced Pest Technicians are fully qualified to perform work at heights.
Pest Solutions memberships and qualifications include,

  • BPCA Member Company
  • BPCA Registered CPD Scheme
  • Campaign For Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Supporter
  • Checkatrade Approved
  • Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA) Member
  • IPAF Certified Technicians
  • ISO14001 Registered Firm (Environmental Protection)
  • ISO9001 Registered Firm (Quality Assurance)
  • PASMA Certified Technicians
  • Safe Contractor Approved Company
  • SEPA Licensed Waste Carriers

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