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Bird Control Edinburgh

Pest Solutions Edinburgh are the UK and Scotland’s top experts in Bird Control. With nearly 20 years of experience, British Pest Control Association qualified specialists have offered affordable Bird Control services to customers in the Edinburgh area. Pest Birds are a growing health and safety risk in Edinburgh, posing a danger to people’s health and business. Our team offers expert advice and solutions for handling Pest Birds, and always aim for the best fully satisfying our customer’s needs, with our Technicians trained to provide a wide variety of bird control options. These range from Bird Spikes to trapping. We offer FREE call outs and surveys to get the best idea of what service our customers need.

Risks associated with Pest Birds

What are ‘Pest Birds’? They’re any birds who can be considered a ‘detriment’ to someone’s health, wellbeing or property. A Pigeon inside an attic or perching on a ledge wouldn’t be considered a pest, but a building infested by dozens of Feral Pigeons which then foul on a nearby pavement would be – as they pose a potential risk to health and the property. Other examples include Gulls blocking drains with their nesting habits, creating litter problems or bird faeces damaging paintwork. In severe cases, Pest Birds activities can potentially cause serious breaches in health and safety standards – such as bird foul contaminating food. Like all Birds in Scotland and the UK, pest species like Pigeons and Gulls have legal protections, and taking action against them requires a special license. Our Team are fully capable of handling this side of Bird Control on your behalf.


Common Pest Bird Species

We commonly encounter two species, Feral Pigeons and Gulls.

Feral Pigeons (Columba livia)

Feral Pigeons tend to infest places like derelict buildings and lofts and breed rapidly. Pigeons produce, on average, 7 broods of 1 to 3 chicks a year. Large numbers of Pigeons also means large numbers of bird faeces. A single pigeon will over a year produce 12kg of bird droppings. Pigeon fouling poses an array of health and safety issues, as well as problems to property. Firstly, pigeon foul will accumulate rapidly in those places where they nest – developing a thick layer of ‘guano’ that through its weight alone can damage roofs. Bird faeces are also strongly acidic, meaning the pigeon droppings will eat away at paint work, and overtime, eat through anything from tar roofs to metal sheets. In the long term this can cost property owners huge amounts of money for repairs. Bird faeces also pose a slipping risk, meaning the potential of workplace accidents, and the potential for litigation. It is also a vector of diseases like Cryptococcus, Ornithosis and Salmonellosis.

Gulls (Laridae)

Gulls are another common sight in Edinburgh. Like other Pest Birds such as Pigeons, Gull fouling poses an issue. But Gulls pose some more unique issues – spilling open the contents of bin bags to access food and becoming aggressive in the defence of their young.
Our Edinburgh team also offers bird control for other species, such as Starlings and Crows.

Bird Deterrent Solutions

Our Edinburgh Bird Control Team has experience in a variety of Bird Control and Bird deterrent systems, from trapping to bird netting. Our technicians are all trained in the industry standards and certified by the British Pest Control Association, ensuring safe installation of these systems – all for an affordable cost. They have experience working and providing bird proofing service to a wide variety of properties.

Bird Netting

Pest Birds are a growing problem all across Scotland and UK, and in Edinburgh especially so – as Pest Bids (like Feral Pigeons and Gulls) have cultivated a massive population in the city, roosting on any high spot they can find. This includes the ledges of buildings, but also areas beneath bridges. From these points the birds will defecate and leave other debris. Not only does this create an odour and unpleasant sight, but Bird Faces carries the risk of disease and also creates a slipping hazard. Overtime the bird faeces will damage the ledge or roosting surface, whether by its weight or acidity. Cleaning this mess can be difficult and expensive (not to mention, due to its disease carrying nature, hazardous) and unless the birds are prevented from returning it will just be built up again.

Pest Bird Control Edinburgh

Among the most effective means of controlling this is Bird Netting. Bird Netting is probably the most common method of Bird Control in Scotland and the UK and is popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is versatile; it can be used in a variety of locations and comes in a number of forms – from Pigeon netting to Starling netting to Gull netting and netting for bridges, canopies, stadiums and buildings. Pest Solutions uses a UV stable knotted bird netting mounted with BS316 stainless steel wires, to ensure it can cope with harsh Edinburgh weather, and has a lifespan of around ten years.

Secondly, it is also extremely effective. Bird netting works by simply blocking the birds from perching on surfaces. When faced by this obstruction, the birds will fly off to find another place to perch. Thirdly, while it is effective it is also discreet. Bird Netting, when installed by properly trained professionals and experts, can be made to have as little impact as possible on the appearance of a building. Your property won’t just be protected from bird droppings, it also won’t have its appearance harmed by the protection it has been given either.

Netting is a method with a successful history in areas suffering from even the worst Bird Infestations and is a solid approach for anyone serious about tackling Pest Birds. Our Pest Technicians are trained in and have the appropriate PASMA and IPAF certifications for work at height. Give us a call and our team will provide a FREE, no obligations survey and visit to assess if bird netting is right for you.

Bird Spike Systems

Birds need not infest the insides of properties to cause severe problems. Window Ledges, drains, chimneys and the roofs of offices make perfect places for birds to perch. From here they will gather, often in large numbers defecate on anything nearby. Alongside creating an unpleasant odour and sight, is a real health and safety hazard. One of the best and most simple solutions are bird spikes – strips of wires and BS316 stainless steel spikes layered across the surface of the ledge or drain. Spike systems do not harm the birds and are a humane pest deterrent system. Spikes work by denying the birds the ability to land or perch. Once the bird encounters this physical barrier and finds no way to get around it, it will simply fly off in search of another place to land. As such, Bird Spikes are a superb deterrent system, for any property from homes to offices.

Bird Spikes are discreet when installed by professionals and are designed to not harm the aesthetic of the structure they are protecting. They are, despite this, still extremely effective and furthermore versatile. Bird Spikes can be applied to all kinds of surfaces – gutters, chimneys, ledges and roofs – any surface that requires protection. Pest Solutions Edinburgh’s expert Technicians have all the skills and qualifications needed for installation, with the appropriate IPAF and PASMA certification to ensure work at height is performed to professional standards. Give us a call on 0131 526 3220 for a FREE, no obligation survey and visit, to assess if your property would benefit from the installation of bird spikes.

Bird Scarers

Bird Scarers are an effective means of controlling pest species like Gulls and Feral Pigeons. They come as either ‘visual’ scarers or ‘audible’ scarers. Visual bird scarers are dummies resembling the pest’s predator species, encouraging the pest birds to avoid the area. Audible scarers work by producing loud and unfamiliar noises to discomfort the birds. Both systems have strong benefits. Visual scarers and Audio scarers are both excellent alternatives to netting and spike systems, which can be difficult to install in some locations. But success with these systems requires effective and appropriate use.

Bird Control Edinburgh

Dummy Predators, for example, have to be moved around otherwise the pest birds will used to its presence. Audible systems, however, can be inappropriate for certain environments. Neighbours might be disturbed by the noises produced by them. Dummies are not the only form of Bird Scarer. Another form is the flying of live birds like Harris Hawks, which often has an immediate effect. This, however, is only effective when combined with other long-term systems such as spikes or netting, as the absence of the live bird will eventually be noticed by the pest birds.

Our Edinburgh team offers a no obligation, FREE survey and visit, where we can assess on whether Bird Scarer systems are right for you.


While Netting and Bird Spikes are effective at keeping birds away, they can impact the appearance of buildings, or in some cases be inappropriate if the building has unique architecture. Pest Solutions Edinburgh however offers an alternative, powerful bird deterrent, called AVISHOCK. AVISHOCK is made up of two thin strips of metal which every few seconds produce a low-level electric shock every few seconds. While Spikes and Nets work to block off locations from the bird, AVISHOCK instead delivers them a harmless electric shock. While this frightens the bird, it causes no injury. Overtime, the Birds behaviour will adjust and come to avoid the property.

AVISHOCK is a new and intuitive system and superb alternative to systems like Spikes and Nets. Firstly, AVISHOCK is humane. While the shock it delivers causes a fright, it does not harm the bird. Secondly, AVISHOCK is versatile. Buildings otherwise unsuited for nets or spikes can be equipped with AVISHOCK. Thirdly, AVISHOCK has little to no aesthetic impact due to its simple and refined design.

Our team at Pest Solutions Edinburgh are professionals with all the appropriate training required to install AVISHOCK. Our Technicians and Experts have nearly 20 years of experience with installing a wide variety of Bird Deterrent systems, holding all the required IPAF and PASMA certification for working at heights. Give us a call on 0131 526 3220 for a FREE survey and visit, where our experts will evaluate your property and Bird Pest issue and provide you with the best solution to your pest issue.

Shooting Programmes

Shooting is undertaken as a measure of last resort when other methods, such as bird deterrent systems like spikes or netting have failed. It is provided by our Edinburgh team as a professional, discreet and safe service by trained pest control experts marksmen armed with air rifles.

Bird Netting Edinburgh

Shooting is a vital component of the pest control service arsenal, as in some cases it is the only way to ensure a bird population is kept under control. Shooting will ensure the Bird infestation is handled swiftly and will also ensure the bird problem does not return. Most of our shooting programmes are carried out against feral pigeons. Feral Pigeons produce up to 7 broods of up 3 chicks a year, and due to this prolific breeding rate shooting is the only means of controlling them. The equipment used for shooting is an air rifle, as it has a greater functionality than the traditional shotgun. A Shotgun’s noise can easily scare off the birds. As well as this, the spread of their shells ‘pellets’ means they pose a potential environmental and safety concerns. An air rifle poses significantly less concerns and is a functional tool in the expert’s hands – it is discreet and accurate and ensures the controller can remove the birds rapidly.

Pest Solutions Edinburgh offers a FREE survey to assess if you require Pest Bird Shooting. This survey is non-obligation and will provide a detailed assessment of what is required to handle your pest problem.


Pest Solutions Edinburgh aim is to attempt to stop pest bird infestations from occurring in the first place – but in many cases, people only contact our Pest Control Services after the infestation has become entrenched. Some species, Feral Pigeons for example, are particularly hard to remove due to their breeding rate. Trapping is one of the most effective means of bird control. With automated, bait loaded cages, it is possible to trap large numbers of pest birds and then have our Pest Control Technicians empty them. Trapping is a humane method of control. The trapping devices we operate are government approved and are designed to cause no harm to the birds – who are provided with the necessary water and food to survive. Trapping, while humane, shouldn’t be mistaken as a ‘soft’ option. It is designed to provide optimum results and is superb for handling heavy pigeon infestations.

Trapping is an effective means of removing large numbers of birds such as pigeons and can be seen as an effective alternative to shooting. Shooting, for safety reasons, is not possible in public spaces, such as schools. Traps are relatively discreet and can be placed out of reach and in unobstructive locations, meaning the process of bird control is undisruptive to local life. Traps work by providing the birds with a regular source of food and water, allowing them to become accommodated with the trap and attracting a large number of birds to make use of it. Overtime the Birds will become familiar with the traps, and large numbers of birds can be captured when the traps are activated.

The pest control programme lasts for 6 to 8 weeks and allows our Technicians to entrap large numbers of feral pigeons. This allows our Pest Controllers to reduce the infestation to a more manageable level. Once the trapping programme has been completed, it is advised other methods are put in place to ensure the birds are unable to return.

If pest birds are causing you problems on your property, contact Pest Solutions Edinburgh. Our team will provide a FREE survey to establish if Pest Bird trapping is the right approach for your property. This survey is non-obligation, and will provide you with an accurate, well priced quote for the solution to your pest problem.

Gull Control

Gulls are some of the most common pest birds in Scotland and Edinburgh, posing a host of issues to your property if they choose to roost there. Scavengers, Gulls go wherever there is food- and cities like Edinburgh with large, dense populations provide plenty of food sources for the Gulls to feed on. Gulls have become a common a sight in Edinburgh as Pigeons. Much like Pigeons, Gull’s fouling is a real health and safety hazard, but Gulls pose some unique problems as well. Whereas pigeons are docile and relatively unintelligent, Gulls are smart and aggressive birds. Gulls for example, have learned how to rip apart bin bags to eat the rotting food inside.

In other cases, Gulls have snatched food from people’s hands. Gulls do not breed to the same extent as Pigeons and so do not usually have the same population size issues as Feral Pigeons. Gulls’ aggressive behaviour can be a major nuisance, especially during breeding season where Gulls can become extremely aggressive in the defence of their young. Due to poor depth perception, Gulls can easily misidentify people as being a danger to their young and in turn will swoop at them in an attempt to drive them away. If large numbers of Gulls are permitted to infest an area, this can end up being a serious issue. Other problems posed by Gulls include the debris from their large and messy nests clogging drains and gutters.

Our Specialists and Technicians at Pest Solutions Edinburgh offer an array of methods for Gull Control. This includes ‘scaring’ systems, which encourage the Gulls to find new places to nest. But at Pest Solutions Edinburgh one of our focuses is long term Bird control. We also provide deterrents such as bird nets, bird free gel and spikes. A specialised method for handling Gulls is Nest Removal.

Territorial birds, Gulls tend to return to the same areas every year to nest, and overtime build up large nests. Nest Removal is among the most effective pest control solutions for handling Gulls. It removes not only the eggs, but sees the entire nest dismantled. Gulls will continue to try and rebuild their dismantled nest, and this alone serves as a way to limit them from engaging in their usual pest behaviour and distracts them from other activities. Over the course of 5 to 6 visits, our Technicians will return to continue their work. If the gulls find they cannot construct a nest for the breeding season, they will move to another location. Nest Removal is a successful form of bird control in both the short and long term. It staggers the Birds usual pest activities, before eventually removing them all together, while in the long term keeps down the Gull population. It is also a humane option.

Gull Control and the removal of Gull Nests is a job only for trained professionals, such as a Pest Controller. Gulls’ aggressive behaviour means they can attack those they perceive as threats. Gulls also fall under UK laws for bird protection, meaning a licence is required to take action. Our BPCA qualified Technicians and Controllers, who possess both the necessary and required training and equipment to safely and humanely handle the bird and can provide assistance and advice in acquiring the appropriate bird control license.

Pest Solutions Edinburgh

Pest Control Benefits

Pest Birds pose a variety of risks for public Health and Safety, risks that are destined to grow due to the increasing population of Pest Birds in Scottish cities like Edinburgh. Bird droppings, for example, are a health and safety risk, with potential as a slipping hazard, while it’s also a vector for pathogens and bacteria. Property is threatened by its acidity, which can ensure structural damage that is expensive to repair. Some birds, such as Gulls, are not docile or afraid of humans and can even be aggressive if they feel threatened. Pest Solutions Edinburgh aims for Bird Control efforts not focussed on short term deterrents, but long term and effective bird control services that ensures the pest problem is handled in the long term. Our Edinburgh bird control experts seek to provide, at an affordable price, effective bird control measures that will provide long term peace of mind.

Some Benefits of Bird Control include,

  • Prevention of damage via Bird Fouling: Bird Droppings can also cause serious damage to buildings because of their acidity.
  • Prevention of Bird Fouling on entrances and pavements: Bird fouling is a real slipping hazard if allowed to accumulate on pavements or in places like fire exits.
  • Prevention of Bird Noise Pollution and Odour: Birds are naturally noisy animals, and this can be a nuisance for anyone living or working nearby – especially in hospital, hotel or office environments. Birds also produce some terrible odours and smells, which can really damage the reputation of businesses such as restaurants.
  • Prevention of damage to Industry: Birds can easily cause real problems for businesses. For example, their bird foul could cause serious health problems if it were to contaminate food. This has the potential for financial losses and real damage to business reputation.
  • Reduces the risk of disease: Bird droppings are a major health risk, being a vector for diseases like salmonellosis or ornithosis, both of which can be serious health risks. For any business or property this is unacceptable, and for some such as hospitals, can have serious repercussions.
  • Reduces potential for Insect Infestation: For mites and insects, Bird droppings are a superb food source, allowing them to breed in huge numbers. Bird nests often host huge numbers of mites. These pests are themselves vectors of disease and in general pose their own health problems, as well as acting as a potential risk to property.

Removing these pest problems and their potential hazards as well as reaping the benefits to the full can only be guaranteed with professional and qualified Pest Control services. ‘DIY’ approaches are rarely successful, with the cost of purchasing lower grade equipment building up over time (as the problem is never truly solved). In some situations, it might even be hazardous to attempt to perform Bird Control yourself. Build ups of bird foul and guano are not just difficult to remove, but a lack of experience can easily see someone attempting to remove it exposing themselves to the diseases it carries. Where it does not pose a health risk, there are other issues for DIY methods; lack of experience, professional equipment and training alone is a major barrier to ensuring long term success with DIY pest control solutions, but due to the legal protections that birds have it is possible to end up accidentally breaching the law in the process.

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For professional Pest Control in Edinburgh, as well as expert Bird proofing services, call us as at 0131 526 3220. We offer a FREE survey by our BPCA qualified Pest Control team to establish the nature of your Bird Control problem. Our survey is obligation free and offers the customer the best solution for whatever bird control issues they might face at an affordable price.

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