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Bird Control Aberdeen

Pest Solutions Aberdeen are the top Bird Control Experts in Scotland and the UK. Since 2001 our expert term of BPCA qualified Pest Control Specialists have provided support to a range of customers in the Aberdeen area in need of services relating to pest birds. Our team has almost 20 years of experience in providing advice and bird control, and we have a strong focus on not just expert services but customer service and satisfaction. Our team members are experienced in solutions ranging from bird netting to bird spikes. To get the best idea of how to solve your pest control issues, we offer free call outs and surveys by one of our Pest Control Experts. This survey carries no obligation and is intended to provide you with a detailed assessment of your Pest Bird Situation and potential Bird Control solutions.

Risks associated with Pest Birds

Pest Birds are any Birds that can be considered a ‘detriment’ to people. A couple of Feral Pigeons nesting in an attic or on a roof, for example, might not be viewed as a detriment. But dozens of them infesting the underside of a bridge and defecating on the pavement below would, due to the severe health safety issues their presence could cause. Other examples of Pest Behaviour include blocking drains and gutters with the debris from their nests or damaging solar panels. More serious cases of Pest Bird Behaviour include contaminating food or damaging buildings with their defecation, or in some rare circumstances, even attacking people. Bird Species in Scotland and the UK are protected by law, requiring a license to handle. Our team members have all the education and qualifications to acquire this for any Bird Control operation they undertake.


Common Pest Control Species

Our Pest Control Services often deal with two species in particular, Feral Pigeons and Gulls.

Feral Pigeons
Feral Pigeons like to infest locations like abandoned properties or lofts, where they can breed prolificacy. On average a Pigeon will produce 7 broods of up to 3 chicks a year, and with these large numbers of Pigeons come huge quantities of bird faeces. One pigeon can over a year leave 12kg of bird droppings. These droppings pose a wide variety of health and safety problems. Bird droppings spread a wide variety of diseases, from Salmonellosis to Ornithosis and Cryptococcus. Bird droppings are also capable of damaging property due to their acidity, with limestone buildings in particular vulnerable to damage caused by bird droppings. Bird faeces are also a slipping risk, with the potential to cause workplace accidents, and even litigation.

Gulls (commonly called Seagulls) are another commonly sighted Pest Bird in Aberdeen. Like pigeons, they pose issues because of their fouling. But Gulls pose other issues, primarily their aggressive behaviour in defending their young during breeding season.
Our Aberdeen team also provides bird control for other species like Starlings and Crows.

Bird Deterrent Solutions

The Aberdeen Pest Solutions team has experience in providing a wide variety of Bird Control and Bird Deterrent solutions. Our technicians are trained to provide solutions ranging from Bird Netting to Nest Removal. Our Technicians are trained to British Pest Control Association standards, which ensures the safe installation of these systems. They have almost 20 years of experience providing Bird Proofing services to both domestic and commercial customers in need of Bird Control.

Expert Bird Control Aberdeen


Pest Birds pose troubles for all parts of the UK, especially Aberdeen. Feral Pigeons and Gulls have cultivated huge populations in the city and can be found roosting in all manner of places, from ledges to roofs. From these points birds will defecate onto every nearby surface, with Bird faeces carrying a real risk of spreading disease, as well being a potential slipping hazard.

Bird Netting is an exceptionally effective approaches to Bird Control and is among the most common methods of Pest and Bird Control in Scotland and the UK. Bird Netting has many advantages. First, Bird Netting is versatile, coming in a range of different forms and designed so to work for a range of different locations.
Different forms include,

  • Pigeon netting
  • Gull Netting
  • Bridge Netting
  • Starling Netting
  • Stadium Netting

It is also resilient. Pest Solutions Aberdeen’s Bird Netting has a lifespan of ten years and is made with a UV stable knotted netting, mounted with BS316 stainless steel wires to ensure its survival in harsh Scottish weather. But Bird Netting is very effective in controlling pest birds. Bird Netting works by blocking the birds off from surfaces they might perch on. When faced by obstructions, birds simply fly off to find new places to perch. This also means the method is humane, as no harm comes to the birds.

Bird Netting has other advantages. When installed by professional pest controllers, Bird Netting can be made so not to have a negative impact the appearance of a building. Not only will the structure be protected from bird droppings, but its appearance won’t be harmed by the protection it’s been given either.

Bird Spike Systems

Birds roost on a whole range of surfaces – from window ledges to drains to office roofs. From here large numbers of birds can gather and will usually defecate on anything in the nearby area, including the building itself. This can be very costly for the property of business owner; bird faeces can cause extensive damage to buildings due to their acidity. This is not to mention the expenses posed by the. cleaning costs, or the health and safety issues also posed by bird droppings – such as the spread of disease and slip hazards.

Pest Bird Control Aberdeenshire

One of the best, and most simple deterrents to birds are Bird Spikes. The spikes consist of strips of wires and BS316 stainless steel spikes layered across the affected surface. Despite their name, Bird Spikes are a humane method and pose no harm to the bird itself. Much like Bird Nets, the Spikes stop the bird from making contact with the premises by block them from roosting. If the birds cannot find somewhere to land, they will depart. This makes Bird Spikes a superb deterrent system for any property.

Bird Spikes are discreet when installed by trained professionals and are designed to not damage the aesthetic of the structure. Bird Spikes remain extremely versatile and can be applied to practically any surface, including;

  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Chimneys
  • Signposts
  • Window Ledges

Pest Solutions Aberdeen’s expert Technicians have all the skills and qualifications requires for safe and discreet installation. Our team possess the appropriate IPAF and PASMA certification, ensuring work at height is performed safely and without issue.

Scaring Systems

Bird Scarers are an effective deterrent when it comes to pest bird species like Gulls or Pigeons and come in a variety of forms that are broken down into ‘visual’ and ‘audible’ scarers.

Most Visual Bird Scarers are dummies resembling the pest’s predator species and work relatively simply. The nuisance bird sees what it believes to be a predator perched on the property and avoids it out of fear. There is another means of visual scarring in the form of live bird scarers – in which a trained expert flies a live predator such as a Harris Hawk, which often produces an immediate effect.

Audible Scarers work by emitting loud noises, such as gunshots or the noises of predators, to discomfort the pest birds.
Success with Scaring Systems and Live Predator flying requires an effective and measured approach. For example, Dummy Predators must be moved around to remain effective, as the pest birds will eventually realise it is not real if it appears to spend all day perched in one spot. Audible systems can be unsuited for certain environments; neighbours may disturbed by the noises produced by them. And while Live Predator flying is effective in producing immediate results, it will not keep pest birds at bay forever.

The best approach is therefore to combine pest control measures. Visual and audible scarers work best together in handling nuisance birds, while in the aftermath of successful live scarer control services other measures like spikes or netting can be implemented to ensure success.
Our Aberdeen team offers a FREE, no obligation survey and visit. Call 01224 392 304 today. Our experienced Technicians can evaluate your bird control problem and provide the most effective solution to your bird control problem.


While effective methods at keeping birds away, Netting and Bird Spikes are not always the solution. Sometimes they can have a negative impact on the appearance of a building, or the building is one with more unusual architecture (such as curves) which makes the application of netting or spikes unworkable. Pest Solutions Aberdeen, however, offers a new and intuitive alternative to traditional systems of bird control in the form of AVISHOCK.

AVISHOCK differs from Netting and Spikes because it does not attempt to physically deter the Birds from landing. Instead, AVISHOCK is made up of two thin strips of metal which gives any bird that lands on or near the system a harmless but frightening electric shock. This cannot injure the bird, but it will make the bird frightened enough to avoid landing near the AVISHOCK system again. AVISHOCK works to adjust the bird’s behaviour rather than block the bird’s movement. Overtime, the local Pest Birds will avoid landing here to avoid the shock.

Bird Control Company

AVISHOCK carries with it a variety of benefits. Firstly, it is a humane system of pest control, as it causes no harm to the birds, it simply frightens them and without injury. Secondly, it is discreet – much more so than Spikes or Netting. AVISHOCK is made up of two thin strips of metal which can affixed to practically any structure, as it is fixed directly to the wall or ledge or roof in a single long strip. At a distance it is hard to detect and even when observed at closer ranges it will not spoil the appearance of the building. Effectively the only one to be well aware of the AVISHOCK system will be the birds themselves.
Our Aberdeen Pest Control team have extensive experience in the installation of a variety of Pest Deterrents on a wide range of different premises and properties. Our team members have the appropriate IPAF and PASMA certification required to work at heights. Give us a call for a FREE visit and survey of your property. One of our expert team members can assess if AVISHOCK is a suitable system for you.

Pest Bird Shooting Programmes

Pest Bird Shooting is treated as a last expedient when faced by a particularly severe Bird Infestation. Pest Bird Shooting is provided by our Aberdeen based team as a professional and discreet service with a strong focus on safety.

Shooting is used only in extreme situations where other methods of control are unlikely to be effective or the population of birds is so large it has to be brought down immediately – such as in the case of a Feral Pigeon Infestation (whose prolific breeding means shooting is sometimes the only means of control). Our shooters are trained specialists with a focus on safety and discretion, making use of air rifles (rather than the traditional shotgun) to ensure an effective and safe job. All of our Pest Controllers involved in Shooting Programmes are qualified and carry an air rifle license.

We offer a FREE, no obligation survey and visit by one of our experts, who can offer advice on whether a shooting programme is suitable for you.


A focus of Pest Solutions Aberdeen’s work has always been prevention of Bird Infestation – rather than just making efforts to control bird problems after the fact. But in many cases our team are only able to get on the scene after the infestation has begun and, in many cases, has entrenched itself in the environment. Many Bird Species, such as a Feral Pigeons, can breed in huge numbers as well – and require specialised means to handle them. One such means is trapping.

Trapping involves the use of large, automated cages loaded with bait trap large numbers of birds. Once enough birds have been captured, our technicians can then free the birds elsewhere – allowing large numbers of nuisance birds to be removed from an area. Trapping is intended as a humane method to control bird populations that have gotten out of control. The cages used are approved to meet not just the high standards of the Pest Control Industry, but those of Scotland and the UK’s laws regarding the treatment of birds. The traps are provided with adequate food and water to ensure the birds are able to survive. Despite this, Trapping should not be mistaken as a ‘soft’ option; trapping is designed to provide the best results in handling heavy Bird Infestations.

Traps work relatively simply. The traps are loaded with bait and water and overtime the birds are allowed to familiarise themselves with them. As a result, the birds will flock to the traps for food. Over a period of 6-8 weeks, the Feral Pigeons are allowed to make use of the cages for food before being trapped and released elsewhere. This allows for the birds population to be brought down to manageable levels. Trapping is ultimately an effective means of removing large numbers of birds, such as Feral Pigeons, and is often an excellent alternative to shooting programmes. The shooting of pests is, while effective, often inappropriate and is unacceptable for public areas and certain environments, such as schools. Trapping on the other hand is suited for a wide variety of locations.

While on its own trapping is effective in dealing with the immediate problems posed by pests, to achieve maximum effectiveness it should be combined with other measures to ensure the bird pests do not return. If birds are causing problems on your property, contact Pest Solutions Aberdeen today. We provide a FREE no-obligation visit and survey to establish what the best solutions for your Pest Bird Problem might be. Our team of expert technicians can provide advice and answer any questions you might have.

Gull Pest Solutions and Control

Gulls (more commonly known as Seagulls) are among the most prevalent pests in Scotland and Aberdeen. Gulls scavenge for food wherever they can find it and densely populated cities like Aberdeen with their large turnover of waste are perfect for them. Their activity poses a myriad of problems for any property or home they roost near to. Just like Pigeon fouling, Gull fouling is a health and safety hazard, not to mention a problem for property. But Gulls pose unique problems as well. Unlike docile and largely unintelligent Pigeons, Gulls are highly intelligent and also aggressive birds. Gulls basic problem-solving abilities can see them rip open rubbish bags for food. Not only is the resulting mass of rubbish unsightly, but it is also extremely unhygienic (and can even help to attract other pests like rodents). Gulls’ aggressive demeanour can even see them attempt to snatch food from people’s hands.

While Gulls do not breed as rapidly as Pigeons or produce the same, huge populations, their breeding poses a unique problem when combined with their aggressive behaviour. During the breeding season, Gulls are capable of extreme aggression in their efforts to defend their young. Gulls’ poor depth perception leads them to often misperceive people as threats to their eggs and young and in turn Gulls might swoop or attack to drive them away. If large numbers of Gulls infest an area, this can become a real hazard. Gulls’ tendencies to build large, messy nests can also produce problems, as due to the large amount of debris they leave, they can often clog gutters and drains.

Pest Solutions Aberdeen

Pest Solutions Aberdeen’s team of Specialists and Technicians offer a wide array of options for Gull Control, ranging from netting, to spike to scare systems. We also offer a specialised means of Gull Control in the form of Egg and Nest Removal. Gulls are territorial birds which tend to nest in the same places every year, building up large nests overtime. As such, Nest Removal is one of the most productive forms of Gull Control for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it has some major short-term benefits. By removing the eggs, the Gulls aggressive behaviour is diminished because they have no young to defend.

The Gulls will also focus their attention on rebuilding the nest, keeping them from engaging in pest behaviour. Secondly, it has long term benefits. Nest Removal is usually performed by our technicians over 5 to 6 visits. The Gulls will find their efforts to build a new nest during breeding season frustrated and abandon the effort to find a new location to breed. As such, Nest Removal is an effective means for two reasons; it staggers the Gulls activities and in the long term keeps down their population.

Gull Control and Gull Nest removal is work suited only for qualified pest controllers. The Gulls aggressive tendencies mean attempts to remove their eggs or nests may result in them attacking. As Gulls fall under Scotland and the UK laws for Bird Control and Protection, removing them requires a license. Our team, which are all BPCA qualified, has all the education to acquire such a license and safely perform the work on your behalf.
If you are dealing with Gull issues, give our team a call. We offer a FREE, no obligation visits and survey by one of our expert team members. They can determine the best approach to handling your pest problem.


Pest Birds bring with them a slew of issues for public Health and Safety – a risk that grows as the population of Pest Bird increases in Scottish cities like Aberdeen. Bird droppings aren’t just a slipping risk, they’re also a vector for potentially dangerous pathogens and bacteria. The acidity of the droppings can cause not just a great deal of mess, but short and long term damage to buildings that can be expensive to handle. Some birds, such as Gulls, aren’t docile, and have the potential to attack if they feel threatened. At Pest Solutions Aberdeen, our team of experts are focussed on providing services that focuses on long term success in handling pests. Our Aberdeen based experts offer not just effective, but affordable Bird control measures for an affordable price.

Some Benefits of Bird Control include,

  • Prevents damage from Bird Fouling: The acidic nature of Bird Droppings means they can, in both the long and short term, cause serious damage to a building
  • Prevents Bird Foul accumulating on entrances and pavements: Bird faeces are a real slipping hazard, especially if it is allowed to build on pavements or on entrances
  • Reduces Noise Pollution and Smell: Birds produce a great deal of noise, while their activity also creates an unpleasant odour.
  • Prevents damage to Industry: Pest Birds behaviour can result in real issues for businesses. For example, bird foul can cause serious health problems if it were to contaminate food, which risks potential financial loss damage to business reputation.
  • Lessens risk of disease: Bird droppings are a vector for disease like ornithosis and salmonellosis, both carrying serious risks to health. This is, for any business, unacceptable, and for places such as hospitals, can entail severe repercussions.
  • Helps prevent Insect Pest Control Issues: Bird droppings make a superb food source for insect pests, while their nests are often breeding grounds for mites.

Successful removal of pest problems and the potential hazards they bring can only be guaranteed via professional, qualified Pest Control Services. ‘DIY’ efforts rarely have any long-term success, and it is even possible for DIY efforts to prove hazardous. Build ups of Bird Guano, for example, aren’t just difficult to remove, but can easily see people exposed to the dangerous diseases it can carry. The most common risk however for ‘DIY’ is that it is simply a waste of money; a lack of experience and training, as well as the specialist equipment involved means DIY methods are always limited in their effectiveness.

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For Professional Pest Bird Control and Bird Proofing Services in and around Aberdeenshire, call us at 01224 392 304. Our BPCA qualified Pest Control team offers a FREE, non-obligation survey to examine and evaluate your Bird Control problem.

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