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Bird Control Glasgow

Pest Solutions Glasgow are Scotland and the UK’s top experts in Bird Control Glasgow. Birds pose a real problem for public health, and Pest Solutions team of Bird Control Specialists have provided services for almost 20 years. Our team of expert British Pest Control Association trained specialists offer effective bird control services for a reasonable cost. Our team aims for maximum customer satisfaction, providing advice and support for all your bird control needs.

Risks associated with Pest Birds

In rough terms, ‘Pest Birds’ are those birds that are a detriment to people. A bird just sitting on a ledge on Buchanan Street or in a loft might not be considered a pest, but large number of Feral Pigeons infesting a property and fouling on the pavement outside would be considered pest birds, due to the health problems and property damage they could cause. In the most serious cases, Pest Birds are those with the potential to cause serious health and safety breaches – such as contaminating food. Other problems caused by pest birds include blocking gutters or littering.


Pest Birds are protected under Scottish and UK Law and to take bird control action a licence is required. Our team of experts and technicians can acquire the appropriate license on your behalf.

Common Pest Bird Species

Our Glasgow based team most commonly encounters two species in their bird control efforts, Feral Pigeons and Gulls.
Feral Pigeons (Columba livia): Pigeons are one of the most common birds you can see in Glasgow. Pigeons often infest derelict buildings, lofts and ledges where they can breed in huge numbers. A single pigeon can produce 7 broods a year, each consisting of between 1 and 3 chicks. A single feral pigeon will produce 12kg of droppings in a year. Pigeons pose a swathe of safety issues, and much of it relating to their droppings or ‘fouling’. Pigeon fouling accumulates rapidly in the places they colonise, often becoming several inches thick. It is acidic, so it will damage buildings, with Limestone buildings being especially vulnerable. As well as staining paintwork, it can even damage metal, drastically cutting down the lifespan of roofing. Furthermore, it is a major vector of disease, like Salmonellosis, Cryptococcus and Ornithosis.

Gulls (Laridae): Gulls are another common bird control problem in Glasgow. Like Pigeons, they can be seen all over the city. Like Pigeons, they are a problem due to their fouling, which also carries a plethora of disease. Gulls pose other hygiene issues, such as ripping open bin bags for food (and scattering rubbish everywhere in the process).

Our Glasgow team also offers bird control for other species, such as Starlings and Crows. The licence required for taking action against these species will usually require there is a direct threat to human health.

Bird Deterrent Solutions

Our Glasgow Bird Control Team offers has expertise in a wide variety of Bird Control and Bird deterrent systems, ranging from bird netting to trapping. Our technicians are trained to British Pest Control Association standards to ensure safe and successful installation of these systems, and all at an affordable cost.

Expert Bird Control Glasgow

Bird Netting

Pest Birds are a major problem all over the UK, and in Glasgow especially so. Feral Pigeons and Gulls have cultivated a huge population in Glasgow and will roost on any high surface they can find – ranging from the ledges of buildings to areas beneath bridges or canopies, which also serve as a good location for their nests. From these points Birds will foul and leave other debris. Bird Droppings are not just possessed of an unpleasant smell or unsightly but carry the risk of disease. This is not to forget the slipping hazard. They can also severely damage buildings and properties if allowed to build up over time.

One of the most effective means of Bird Control and prevention is Bird Netting, which is among the most common methods of pest control in Scotland and the UK. Bird netting is versatile and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Its effectiveness comes from its ability to block birds from roosting on perches or ledges. Birds’ response to obstructions like this often tends to simply to fly off elsewhere. There’s a wide variety of netting options available. These include Pigeon netting, Staling netting, Gull netting, and netting for bridges, building, canopies and stadiums netting. One of the biggest benefits of netting is that it is not just effective in the short term, but also the long term.

At Pest Solutions Glasgow, one of the focuses of our Bird Control team is not just effective bird deterrent but lasting bird control. It can also be can be suited to the individual needs of a customer. Pest Solutions makes use of a UV stable knotted bird netting with BS316 stainless steel fittings, designed to cope with harsh UK and Scottish weather, and has a lifespan of some ten years. It is not just effective, but it is also discreet, and can be made to have little impact on the appearance on a building when installed by professionals and experts. Your building will be protected not just from the aesthetic worries of bird droppings, but the netting will not harm its appearance either.

Bird Netting is a method with a 100% success rate in areas suffering from even extreme Pest Bird infestations, making it the right option for anyone serious about tackling a bird infestation. Our Technicians are trained to provide installation services and their expertise allows them to adapt and adjust the netting to your specific situation. Our Technicians have the appropriate PASMA and IPAF certifications for work at heights.

Bird Spikes

Birds do not need to nest inside of buildings to cause severe problems. Ledges provide perfect sites for birds to rest – especially gulls and pigeons who will gather on any ledge they are able to find, and foul on anything nearby. One of the simplest solutions for this are Pest Bird Spike Systems. Bird Spikes are made up of wires and BS316 stainless steel spikes which line the surface they are laid upon, denying the Birds access to the surface. Bird Spike systems, despite their name, are not intended to harm the birds and are very humane – as they simply block the bird’s ability to land. Once the bird has detected this physical barrier, it will fly off and find somewhere else to perch. This makes such a system ideal for all manner of structures which wish to avoid becoming Pigeon or Gull roosting sites.

For those business owners worried about aesthetic concerns, spikes (when properly installed by professionals) are discreet. But despite this, they are very effective in preventing bird fouling and other nuisances. But even better is that spikes are also very versatile. They can provide protection to all manner of structures – ledges, beams, chimneys, roofs – practically any surface that requires protection from Pigeons or Gulls. Pest Solutions provide Bird Spike Systems and are qualified with IPAF and PASMA certification to ensure our work at heights is done professionally. Our Technicians are fully trained and equipped to handle the installation of Bird Spikes.

Bird Scarers

Bird Scarers are devices designed, as the name suggests, to frighten birds away. These come in a number of forms – most notably Visual and Audible.

Visual Bird Scarers take the form of dummies resembling predator birds. The pest bird sees this and recognising its predator, will flee. But Visual Bird Scarers must be used effectively if they are to work. Dummy predators should be combined with other systems, such as Audible Scarers – otherwise the pest birds will become accustomed to them and realise they are not real. Audible Scarers work by broadcasting noises designed to discomfort the birds (such as the sounds of predators or gunshots). On their own Audible Scarers do have advantages over other systems, since they are easier to install onto unusual architecture than netting or spikes. At the same time, the environment must be considered – since the noise produced by the scarer can lead to noise complaints. However, we offer a free, no obligation visits and survey from one of our expert technicians, who can advise you on whether Bird Scarers are right for you.

Bird Control Glasgow


Netting and Bird Spikes are effective in many cases at keeping birds away, but they can have an impact on the visual appearance of buildings – especially those with unusual architecture. Pest Solutions Glasgow however offers a powerful new bird deterrent, called AVISHOCK. AVISHOCK works differently to traditional methods like Spikes and Nets, which focus on blocking off locations from the bird or use sound or optical illusions to frighten them. AVISHOCK instead deliver a small and harmless electric shock. This will not injure the bird, and the focus is not on harming them, but adjusting their behaviour so they learn not to come near the property.

AVISHOCK is an intuitive new system which comes with a variety of benefits. Firstly, it is humane. The shock delivered to the birds is not enough to cause significant pain and is simply to briefly frighten them. Secondly, it is extremely versatile. Buildings unsuited for spikes or nets can be easily equipped with AVISHOCK. AVISHOCK is designed to have as little impact on the appearance of a building as possible – made up of little more than two thin strips of metal producing a low electrical pulse.

Our team at Pest Solutions Glasgow are professional trained to install the AVISHOCK system. Our Technicians and Experts all hold the required IPAF and PASMA certification for working at height and have almost 20 years of experience installing a variety of devices and bird deterrent systems. Call 0141 280 7323 today for a FREE, no obligation survey and visit. Our experts will inspect your property and provide you with an accurate quote for installation costs.

Bird Shooting Programmes

Pest Solutions Glasgow provides a professional, discreet and safe pest bid shooting service. Pest Bird shooting is carried out rarely and is used where other methods have failed, and it is only used once deterrents such as spikes or nets have not had success and is considered a measure of last resort. Shooting will swiftly deal with a current bird infestation and prevent it from returning, and in some cases, shooting is the only means to keep a bird population under control. A majority of Pest Solutions shooting work is limited to feral pigeons, which breed rapidly (a single pigeon produces some 7 broods a year, each of which can contain as many as 3 chicks). Due to this prolific breeding pattern, for the pest controller, shooting is an effective and necessary bird control technique.

The equipment for Bird Shooting is primarily an air rifle. Traditionally shotguns have been used but are ineffective due to their noise frightening the birds and sending the flock into a panic (making it hard to efficiently remove them). The noise can not only disturb neighbours, but potentially frighten the birds – causing them to scatter. Our Pest Controllers instead make use of air rifles – which are accurate, quiet and discreet. Our shooting work Pest Control Glasgow Technicians are fully trained marksman and air rifle licence holders, and we have a strong focus on safety and responsible action when on the job. Pest shooting is intended to be as effective and efficient as possible, with a strong focus on compliance with all safety measures.

We offer a FREE, no obligation survey to assess if your property requires pest bird shooting. An expert surveyor will inspect the property at a suitable time and perform an in-depth analysis of the situation, and make a suitable offer based on the requirements of your situation. Call 0141 280 7323 for a FREE, non-obligation survey.

Bird Trapping

Pest Solutions Glasgow aim to try and prevent bird infestations from occurring but for many people only make contact with our pest control service once the infestation has set in. Some species are particularly difficult to remove – Feral Pigeons for example. One of the best means of bird control is trapping. With large, automated cages loaded with bait, it is possible to trap numerous pest birds and have our pest control technicians empty them. Trapping services requires appropriate training, qualification and equipment to be done properly – something that can only be ensured by trained pest control professionals. Pest Solutions Glasgow has an experienced workforce trained to work in the most safe and humane manner possible. We only operate traps that have been approved by the government and cause no unnecessary harm or distress to the birds trapped inside, and the birds are provided with food and water. Trapping is humane but it is not a soft option and provides optimum results. It is well suited for handling heavy feral Pigeon infestation.

Trapping is effective in swiftly reducing a Bird Population when shooting is simply not possible – for example, in places like schools, or a large public space – where shooting is simply impractical. With the traps placed out of reach, it is unobtrusive and allows for discreet bird control. Indeed, it is possible with traps to perform bird control services without the public even being aware. Trapping is swift and discreet of tackling large populations of feral pigeons. Trapping works by installing the traps throughout the affected area and using food as bait. Traps are not activated until the birds have become accommodated to them and have learned to use them as a source of food, allowing us to capture large numbers of birds over time.

This programme typically lasts 6-8 weeks and gives us time to ensnare most of the pigeons in an infestation and reduce the remaining numbers to a small, manageable level. However, once trapping has been completed, it is advisable that other preventive measures such as bird nets and spikes are combined with the process in order to ensure the bird numbers do not rise again.

If feral pigeons are causing you problems on your property, contact Pest Solutions Glasgow and we can provide a FREE survey to establish whether Pest Bird trapping is the right approach. Our survey is non-obligation, meaning we can provide you a well-priced offer to solve your problem with an accurate quote.

Bird Netting Glasgow

Gull Control

Gulls are among the most prevalent pest birds in Scotland and Glasgow and pose a host of issues, especially if they become aggressive. Gulls are scavengers and go wherever there is food for them to find – making urban areas the perfect place. Gulls have become as common a sight in Glasgow as feral pigeons, but unlike feral Pigeons, which tend to be docile, Gulls are intelligent. Gulls frequently, for example, tear open bin bags to access the rotting food inside. For those concerned with hygiene and cleanliness, Gulls can be a major nuisance. But another problem associated with Gulls is their aggressive behaviour. During breeding season, Gulls become defensive of their young but due to their poor depth perception, they often misperceive people as threats to their young. This means the potential for the Gull to attack or swoop down at people, especially if large numbers of Gulls are allowed to infest an area. Gulls are difficult to deal with but our Technicians and specialists at Pest Solutions Glasgow have a wide array of means for Bird Control.

One of our primary methods is nest removal. Gulls are territorial birds and return to the same spots to nest every year, building up large nests over time. Nest Removal is one of the most efficient ways to handle Gulls. It involves removing not just the eggs but dismantling the entire nest. Gulls will continue making efforts to rebuild the nest, which will distract them from other activities. Likewise, the removal of the eggs will reduce aggression in the birds, since they will not have anything to defend. Our Technicians will return to the site 5-6 times to continue dismantling the nest, and if they are unable to construct a nest for the season, they will move onto another location. This serves not only as a successful short-term effort, but also works in the long term to keep down the Gull population.

Gull Nest removal is for professionals only. Like almost all UK birds, Gulls have special laws that protect them – making attempts to remove their nests illegal. Attempts to remove Gulls yourself may also cause the Gulls to attack you. As such, it is better to allow the experts at Pest Solution Glasgow handle any Gull related problems you face. Our technicians are trained to high, BPCA standards, possess the necessary training and qualifications for working at heights and are committed to ensuring the Gulls are removed humanely and without harm.

Nest Removal is practical in areas with lots of guttering. Nest debris have a tendency to block gutters and drains. Nest removal as such helps eliminate this problem and catches any issues before they worsen. We offer a free, no obligation survey of your property by our Pest Controllers to evaluate whether Gull nest removal is the best approach to take.

Glasgow Bird Control Benefits

Pest Birds bring with them a variety of problems for health and safety, and due to their increasing population, these risks grow on a yearly basis – especially in UK towns and cities like Glasgow. Fouling is a health and safety risk, with the potential for slips and falls, as well as the dangerous bacteria and pathogens it carries. Its high acidity means damage to property. Some birds like Gulls even have the potential for aggression. At Pest Solutions Glasgow, our bird control efforts are focussed on not just short-term bird deterrent but long-term bird control. Our Glasgow team members and experts are focussed on not just providing effective solutions to the problem at hand but providing education and advice at an affordable price.

Some Benefits of Bird Control

  • Prevention of damage by Bird Fouling: Bird Droppings aren’t just unsightly but can cause long term damage to buildings, statues and other structures, due to their acidity.
  • Cutting down cleaning costs: Nests and droppings block gutters and pipes and can also cause timber and structural damage and ruin decor. This can cost a great deal to fix and maintain.
  • Prevention of bird fouling on pavements and entrances: Bird foul on pavements and fire exists can pose a real health and safety risk – acting as a slipping hazard.
  • Eliminating Noise and Smell: large groups of pest birds produce a great deal of noise pollution which can be a real nuisance for people nearby – this can be a serious problem for Glasgow’s hospitals, offices and hotels. This nuisance can be further exacerbated by the smell bird nests and droppings tend to produce, which for businesses like restaurants can be unacceptable.
  • Protection of Industry – protecting against bird droppings from spoiling food or contamination.
  • Cuts down on the risk of disease: Pest birds are linked closely the transmission of a variety of diseases, such as salmonellosis and ornithosis. This poses a clear health risk.
  • Reduction of Insect Infestation Risks: Bird droppings and nesting materials serve as superb environments for mites and other insect pests to breed, meaning the potential for pest issues other than just birds to emerge. Many of these insects can damage property and clothes and are also a vector of disease.

Pest Solutions Glasgow

These benefits can only be guaranteed by professional, qualified Pest Controllers. DIY methods are often ineffective and can only produce temporary benefits. In some cases, attempting this work can even prove hazardous. For example, accumulated bird foul can prove a legitimate health and safety problem due to the diseases and bacteria it can contain, accumulated bird foul or ‘guano’ requires professional efforts and tools to remove.

Where it is not hazardous, there are other barriers to ‘DIY’ activities. Due to the protections, they possess, trying to take action against Bird pests yourself can easily end up breaking the law. Our team members are qualified professionals with extensive experience in handling any Bird Pest you might encounter in Glasgow and have a strong focus on providing the best support to our customers they can.

Contact Details

Pest Birds are a serious problem that requires expert assistance to deal with. Our team of Pest Controllers at Pest Solutions Glasgow has extensive experience in bird control and work to provide long term solutions, rather than handling the infestations as they emerge. Call 0141 280 7323 for a FREE, non-obligation survey.

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