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Common Insect Pests

Pest Library – Common Insect Species. Our Pest Library section is designed to help you get more information about the pests which you may be encountering and what is the best course of action to take.

Insects are by far the most prevalent type of animal on Earth, with around 1 million different species. To put this into context, there are less than 5,500 species of mammals on the planet, and around 8,600 birds. As a result of this enormous diversity, insects come in all shapes and sizes, with significant differences between even closely-related species. Some 300 million years ago, there were dragonflies flitting around with a wingspan of up to 27 inches- although insectophobes will be pleased to learn that no modern insect species are anywhere near that size.

However, while insects are typically very small, they can still cause big problems if an infestation develops in your home or business. Not only do pest insect species cause a nuisance in themselves, but they can also aid in the spread of all manner of harmful diseases. Flies, for instance, feed by regurgitating onto food to soften it up with stomach acid- and if their last meal happened to be animal droppings, then any bacteria will thus be spread to otherwise clean surfaces. Other pest insect species, meanwhile, cause problems by feasting on farmers’ crops, which in extreme cases can even lead to food shortages.

Common Insect Species – Pest Guides

When faced with an insect infestation, few people stop to actually identify the species in question. Yet understanding what you are dealing with is vital in order to effectively deal with the infestation. With this in mind, we have put together plenty of useful information on some of the most common pest insect species, the hazards they pose, and the best ways of stopping them in their tracks.

Click on the pests below to view a full detailed pest guide for these common insect species.