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Rabbit Control

Don’t underestimate wild rabbits- while they are cute in appearance, they can have a big impact on your property and prove tough to control. Luckily, Pest Solutions are on hand to provide expert rabbit control and get things back to normal again as quickly as possible.

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Rabbits Can Cause All Sorts of Problems

Wild rabbits certainly live up to their reputation, breeding extremely prolifically. They are pregnant for a mere 30 days, and give birth to between 4 and 12 babies, or kits, at a time. What’s more, female rabbits can then get pregnant again in as little as 24 hours. This means that even a single pair of rabbits could quickly cause a major infestation with serious consequences. As the rabbit population grows, they will naturally require more living space. They will thus start digging their burrows in all directions, and this often causes some major problems to the buildings or roads above.

Rabbits tend to be more common in rural areas, and they therefore pose a significant threat to anyone in the agricultural industry. Although rabbits are small, just seven of them will eat as much grass as the average sheep, so a group of them can quickly devastate crops. Even in urban areas, though, rabbits will devour flowers in gardens and ruin the surface of sports grounds if given the chance. The longer they are present, the more of an issue they will cause- all the more reason to stop a rabbit infestation in its tracks before it’s too late.

Finally, wild rabbits can also pose quite a serious health risk to both humans and other animal species. They frequently carry harmful diseases, and if a rabbit infestation isn’t dealt with promptly, such diseases can easily be spread to your family or even your pets. Rather than putting your loved ones at risk, it is better to get the problem resolved as soon as possible- and that’s where Pest Solutions can help.

Rabbit Control Requires an Expert Touch- So Call the Professionals at Pest Solutions

Rabbits are not a protected species- the government have long recognized their potential for causing major issues in agricultural areas in particular, so anyone can theoretically deal with an infestation. That being said, it takes skill and expertise to completely stamp out a rabbit problem. As they are such prolific breeders, you need to be certain that you have got rid of every last rabbit in a population, or the infestation could quickly return. In addition, there are strict rules surrounding just how you deal with rabbits. It is against the law to cause any undue suffering to a rabbit caught in a trap- and most of the traps available to buy will end up doing exactly that. Pest species such as rabbits do need to be dealt with, but there’s no excuse for causing any more harm to them than is absolutely necessary. Do-it-yourself traps are rarely up to standard, so it is best to simply stay well away from such products and call in the experts to help you out instead.

Fortunately, all of Pest Solutions’ technicians are highly experienced in dealing with all manner of wildlife pest species, including rabbits. We draw on tried-and-tested methods to ensure that we remove every rabbit from your property. By always acting in a responsible, humane way, our technicians can deal with even the most widespread of rabbit infestations without causing the animals any unnecessary suffering. They work fast to tackle even the largest of pest infestations as efficiently and effectively as possible and leave your property pest-free again.

Don’t Let Rabbits Ruin Your Property- Contact Pest Solutions Today

If you think that there might be a rabbit infestation lurking beneath your property, or if these pests are already causing real problems for you, then don’t just forget about it and hope they go away. Instead, it’s time to take action- by contacting Pest Solutions. As pest control experts, we’re fully equipped to tackle virtually any infestation swiftly and effectively, to stop wild rabbits in their tracks. With branches across the UK, we always respond promptly to all calls- and we’ll even provide a free, no-obligation survey to get to the heart of the problem.

For all your pest control needs, contact Pest Solutions today by calling 0800 027 2555, and let us show you first-hand why so many customers swear by our services!