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Mole Trapping

Since moles live underground, they are rarely seen by humans. However, the effects of a mole infestation are clear-molehills ruining the appearance of your lawn and destroying your garden plants. That’s why Pest Solutions always act quickly when it comes to mole control, to limit the damage these troublesome creatures cause to your property.

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Moles Cause Havok in Lawns and Gardens

Moles burrow their way through the earth almost constantly in search of food. In fact, these tiny creatures can dig around 4 meters in the space of just an hour, so they can do considerable damage to lawns and gardens if left unchecked. While they tunnel through the ground, the soil that they have dug out ends up being deposited on the surface in the form of molehills. As well as being an eyesore, these molehills will need to be removed before you can properly mow your lawn again. Otherwise, you will find yourself constantly manoeuvring around them, or else end up clogging your lawnmower up with soil. In addition, sharp stones from underground can be flung up to the surface by burrowing moles, which can catch in mower blades and end up breaking them completely.

Molehills aren’t the only problem that these small pests cause, though. The tunnels themselves can end up collapsing, further destroying the surface of lawns. These caved-in tunnels will then need to be filled in which can take a lot of time and effort. While moles feed solely on insects, they can still end up doing some serious damage to young plants, too, by damaging their roots as they burrow. This places both your lawn and flowerbeds under threat.

Bowling lawns and golf courses, in particular, can experience huge problems if they suffer from a mole infestation, as these are places where the appearance of a smooth, unsullied lawn is extremely important. However, even ordinary homeowners may find that they are plagued by bothersome moles- and if this happens to you, then it’s time to call in the experts at Pest Solutions.

Our Mole Control Service is Second to None

As pest control professionals, our team of technicians are perfectly equipped to handle even the most persistent pests. In most cases, our pest control team deal with mole infestations by using special mole traps. These need to be placed carefully, or else the mole may simply tunnel its way around the trap and escape. What’s more, improperly placed traps can cause unnecessary suffering to the moles, so it is best to leave this aspect of pest control to the experts. We check over these traps on a regular basis to check that they are working properly. The traps will also need to be monitored even after the mole causing your problems has been caught, since other moles may move in on this ready-dug tunnel system to save themselves the effort of digging their own.

If a mole infestation is more set-in, then traps may not be enough to catch them all. In these extreme cases, only the most competent of pest controllers will be able to rein in this subterranean menace lurking beneath your property. You can count on Pest Solutions to tackle even the most severe mole infestation swiftly and efficiently and help you take back your premises from unwelcome guests.

Pest Solutions- Mole Control Made Simple

If moles are ruining your lawn, then don’t despair. Instead, pick up the phone and call Pest Solutions today. Our team of friendly, helpful pest control specialists are always on hand to help and will have the problem under control in no time at all. We will be happy to provide you with a free survey to get to the root of the problem and decide on the best course of action, before giving you an up-front quote to show just how much it will all cost.

Contact the mole control experts at Pest Solutions today on 0800 027 2555 and let us take care of things for you.