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Wildlife Pest Species

Pest Library – Wildlife Pest Species. Our Pest Library section is designed to help you get more information about the pests which you may be encountering and what the best course of action to take is.

Traditionally, some wildlife pest species were seen as an intrinsic threat. The main approach to such pests was to therefore try and reduce their overall numbers as much as possible, if not eradicated them completely. Fortunately, though, times have changed since those days. The emphasis nowadays is very much on wildlife management, and rather than killing them, our job at Pest Solutions is now to manage them effectively so that they don’t cause any issues to the human population.

Culling is only ever a last resort. Instead, we focus on deterring and excluding wildlife pest species, to naturally encourage them to stay away from areas of human habitation. Not only does this benefit people who won’t have to put up with the issues that these species can cause, but it is also helpful to the animals as well. The more they come into contact with humans, the more risk there is of the wildlife being harmed, either by accident such as when crossing roads, or deliberately by irate homeowners.

Our approach to pest management also takes into account the protected status of many wildlife pest species. There are strict rules surrounding the control and treatment of such creatures, and thanks to our in-depth knowledge of these regulations, our technicians are careful to always act in a humane manner. We look closely at the individual circumstances around each infestation and then come up with a tailored plan of action that will deliver the results you need without causing any unnecessary harm to the animals themselves.

Wildlife Pest Species – Pest Guides

To help you identify the various species of wildlife pests, and to give you some idea of the kind of problems they can cause, we have put together the following guides. Click below to learn more about each species and discover why pest control is such a vital task: