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Flying Insect Pests

Pest Library Flying Insect Pest Species. Our Pest Library section is designed to help you get more information about the pests which you may be encountering and what is the best course of action to take.

There a wide variety of flying insects in the UK, most of which pose no threat to humans. A small number of these species, though, can lead to significant issues if they infest your home or business. While the flying insect pest species listed here do not bite humans, they can easily contaminate food and otherwise clean surfaces, spreading a number of harmful diseases.

Species like house flies can be incredibly annoying with their incessant buzzing. Due to their small size and ability to fly out of reach, it can be tricky to swat even a single one of these irritating pests. Should a large number of them make their way inside your property, though, they can pose a significant health risk. Flying insects generally feed by vomiting stomach acid onto their food to dissolve it, before sucking up the resultant liquid with their long mouthparts.

Not only is this an unpleasant thought for people, but it also means that any bacteria from rotting matter that the flies have recently fed upon will be spread elsewhere. As well as directly contaminating foodstuff, flying insects can thus also pollute any surfaces that they land on, potentially transmitting those bacteria to a huge number of people. This makes flying insect pests a major threat to any business that handles food and drink since an infestation will quickly cause all manner of health and hygiene breaches.

Flying Insect Pest Species- Pest Guides

Although flying insect pests tend to be extremely small, they can normally be easily identified if you know what to look for. As well as aiding the pest control process, this identification can also help you to find the root cause of the infestation and deal with it promptly. By removing whatever was attracting the flying insect pest species to your property- whether it be a hole in your walls or rotting food- you can ensure that these troublesome creatures won’t simply return before long. Click below to find out more about each species, as well as the methods used by Pest Solution to treat an infestation.