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Pest Bird Species

Pest Library – Pest Bird Species. Our Pest Library section is designed to help you get more information about the pests which you may be encountering and what the best course of action to take is.

There are many different species of bird on the planet, with around 600 present in the UK. The vast majority of these never come into conflict with human interests, and indeed act as an essential component of the world’s ecology. However, a small number of species can cause serious problems if left unchecked, particularly in urban areas. Such species will need to be properly managed in order to limit the issues that arise from a pest bird infestation.

As well as causing a nuisance in themselves, pest bird infestations can also have significant consequences for both commercial and residential properties. These pest birds often act as carriers for a number of harmful diseases, which can be spread not only by the birds but also the debris (such as feathers and nesting materials) that they leave behind. Furthermore, their fouling can lead to a major health and safety hazard, as it too is capable of transmitting disease and can furthermore present a slipping hazard if allowed to accumulate.

Fortunately, Pest Solutions has a number of different methods of keeping pest birds well away from your property. Our trained technicians can fit all manner of pest bird deterrent systems, ranging from bird nets and bird spikes to audible and visual deterrents and special bird free gel. In more extreme cases of pest bird infestations, our team can safely and humanely cull the birds to stop them from causing any more damage to your premises.

To help you identify which species are behind your issues, and the best ways of dealing with them, we have outlined the most common UK pest bird species below. Simply click on one to learn more about them:



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