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Biting Insect Pests

Most of the other insect species covered in our Pest Library pose an indirect threat to humans, either damaging structures or aiding in the spread of harmful diseases. However, there is one subset of pest insects which can directly impact on people and prove to be extremely irritating- biting insect pests. These tiny creatures feed on the blood of larger mammals, and humans therefore present a tempting target for them to feast upon.

Some biting insect pests, like fleas, will feed on any mammals they can latch onto and are therefore commonly spread to humans from pets. Others, though, will specifically target humans, since we are a particularly large source of food and our homes offer a snug habitat for them to live in. Regardless of the species in question, though, biting insects can prove to be a major nuisance for anyone who has to share their property with these minuscule menaces.

When these pests bite, they are seeking out a blood vessel to feed upon. Some of their saliva will make its way into your skin as they do this, and it is this saliva which can cause irritation, leaving you itchy and uncomfortable. What’s more, some may spread harmful diseases from one host to another, meaning biting insect pests need to be dealt with swiftly.

Biting Insect Pests- Species Guides

Biting insect pests tend to be rather small, making it difficult for the average person to distinguish between them. However, if you know what you are looking for, it is possible to tell just what species of pest is causing the issue. This then makes it much easier for our pest controllers to contain and control the problem swiftly and effectively. Click below to learn more about the most common species, the threats that they pose, and the most efficient ways of dealing with an infestation:



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