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Pest Control Northfield

This local branch includes Pest control in Dundee and surrounding areas. Contact us on 01382 768 888 for a FREE survey and a no obligation quotation.

Commercial Pest Control Northfield

Our commercial Pest Control Dundee staff present an extensive range of professional services.

Our knowledgeable specialists are ready to ensure a good pest management for your business property. Schedule a free Survey and quote carried out by one of our experts and figure out how our personally tailored service plan can resolve your company’s pest problem.

Pest Management Dundee Pest Solutions - Pest Solutions

We ensure effective pest management for business properties in the City of Dundee and in the surrounding areas. Not only do we concentrate on managing pest infestations as they grow, we in addition go further by looking at alterations that may protect your business. By implementing and providing a modern general integrated pest management strategy and plan using a mix of education, practical suggestion, proofing of gaps and when appropriate and needed, chemical, cultural and biological control techniques, we can create sustainable long lasting management and pest prevention.

We have pest control service packages which are tailor-made to the need of any type of commercial businesses such as programme of scheduled visits to monitor any activity or maybe|or perhaps} potential issues on-site; call-out and follow up visits as mentioned. The packages we provide even contain in-depth record keeping, educational material and practical interaction in order for us to stop pests as well as disease vectors from seriously affecting your your organization operation or reputation.

Schedule an appointment with one of our expert members of our Northfield account management group to conduct a free comprehensive pest risk evaluation as well as site examination of your premises. This inspection will give you a comprehensive report on all the things you should find out about the threats any pests might pose to your business as well as give you a no-obligation plan on the best solution and most economical as well as sustainable service package specially personalized to your requirements. This allows you to continue to focus on operating your business, sure that you’re protecting your personnel, clients, product, and your company status.

Our Pest Control Dundee services are cost-effective and we provide services for several premises including, deli’s, restaurants, pubs, takeaways, hotels, guest houses, schools, storage facilities, warehouses, industrial sites, factories, food manufacturing sites and many more.

The expectations from consumers today with regards to quality assurance for businesses are very high. For every business, which supplies the food business, in order to meet due diligence, and food regulations as well as legislation, it is critical to have a high-quality commercial Pest control in place.

We have specially created our Pest Control Plus for this purpose. This improved service and reporting program not just meets but additionally exceeds all present recognised audit requirements, therefore seeing to it that your company with all the specifications and expectations from clients and auditors} equally.

Our objective is for you to be certain in the understanding that we provide excellent value for money and the most updated and highest amount of expertise in the business. Whether we’re working with an isolated situation or maybe it is protecting your business on a regular basis, we can give you the best service package and the knowledge that you require. Our products and services come in a wide variety of offers and we’ve the experience to ensure the prevention of issues in all types of premises and property.

Most of our business comes from consumer recommendation. We were recently awarded the status of finalists in the “Best Company” category of the UK Pest Management Award (PMA) finishing in the leading 5 companies in the UK.

Domestic Pest Control Northfield

It can be an extremely unpleasant event to deal with an infestation in your home.

Pest live where there are individuals. Actually, some even require the presence of individuals to develop, so actually the tidiest and cleanest home can come across a domestic Northfield Pest control problem.

Ant Control Dundee Black Garden Ants - Pest Solutions

As we, at Pest Solutions Northfield, know how unsettling this may be, our Dundee residential pest specialists are here to provide for you a swift, discreet and expert method in order to help you reclaim your home from unwelcome pests and give you peace of mind.

Whether ants or wasps, mice or rats, our well skilled pest controllers are ready to respond quickly to your call as well as provide the answer to your domestic Pest control issue in Northfield. We can perhaps assess your infestation over the telephone or we can arrange a FREE survey with the aim of providing you with the finest suggestions for a plan to eliminate the issue pest and to give you additional suggestions on helping to avert any kind of pest activity from returning.

All types of domestic pests could be quickly identified by our Service Technicians that are very skilled and trained to the required RSPH/BPCA standards. Therefore, the most effective form of control and answer that would suit your specific issue as well as situation could quickly be put in place.

Experiencing an infestation is usually a sensitive matter and we at Pest Solutions Northfield know that. We conduct all our treatments quickly and discreetly. Our well qualified as well as insured expert won’t just help you eliminate that pest now, but also give you back your mental peace.

Pest Bird Control Northfield

Health and safety hazards is an important concern when coping with Pest Birds and their related issues. They pose not only a danger to individuals, but they can cause acute damage on structures, with lasting and sometimes irreversible consequences. Our specialist Northfield Bird Control group is here to defend you from these bird related problems.

Bird fouling is a recognized transmission route for numerous bacteria and disease-causing pathogens, as well as posing a risk from slips and falls. As bird fouling is actually acidic it can| harm and stain both stonework and paint on virtually any building and structure throughout Northfield. The actual mass of guano can result in severe harm as it can hold massive amounts of dampness and therefore enhance in weight when deposited in bulk. On top of this, bird fouling is also an impressive breeding ground for numerous insect pests.

Nesting sites for Feral Pigeons can result in an actual nuisance and larger birds like Gulls (Seagulls) are actually known to be highly intense particularly during breeding season.

The population of pigeons as well as Gulls in the city of Dundee is rising. With the surge in the population of these pest birds, so are the linked health and safety risks. These species have to be controlled and the people and buildings have to be protected throughout East of Scotland. To do so, our well trained and knowledgeable Bird Control crew can deploy a lot of highly effective control measures.

Bird Proofing. Effective methods of control and management include:

  • Bird Netting Systems
  • Spike & Wire Systems
  • Laser Deterrent Systems
  • Electronic Bird Scarers
  • Falconry for Pest control Services

If you are facing some issues with pest birds, call us and request a FREE survey from one of our technicians who will attend as well as assess the matter you are facing. We will provide a proposal explaining the available options in order to cope with both the problem you are currently facing and also to safeguard your house, business, building or premises from the effects of birds in the future.

We can even suggest as well as assist you on all specifications associated with Licencing and ensure you’re not unintentionally breaking the law. All species are safeguarded by law and as of April 1st, 2020 in certain situations a specific licence might have to be applied to take some measures legally (excluding Canada Geese and Feral Pigeons)
For any problems contact us on 01382 768 888 now for additional info or to request a free Survey along with a no obligation quote.

Professional Northfield Pest Prevention Service

So why should you opt for Pest Solutions? We’re a leader and at the forefront of professionalism, rendering quality and awesome customer service in the Pest control industry.

You may consider The City of Dundee Council to be more affordable but, our Pest control treatments are usually more competitive, with better value for money and faster response and follow up time. A lot of our business comes from word of mouth and we care significantly about our client satisfaction. We want our clients to feel confident in our services and confident in them referring us.

We are full active members of the British Pest control Association (BPCA). This is the leading Trade Association in the UK that require all members to fulfil the BS EN 16636 British Standard for Pest Managers.

We’re also members of CEPA, the Confederation of European Pest Management Association which have been certified by Bureau Veritas. This authentication of professionalism involves us being audited to the BS EN 16636 standard for Pest Managers.

We firmly believe in investing in the talents and expertise of our staff. All members of our team are well qualified to meet the demands of membership of the BPCA Registered CPD scheme and hold a relevant RSPH/BPCA Level 2 Award as a minimum. A lot of our technicians have accomplished BPCA Level three, Advanced Technician status or perhaps greater. We believe that with continuous improvement to our teams’ skills, we will be ready to ensure the provision of the optimum standards to our consumers.

We’re dedicated to meeting the highest standards of customer care, quality, service, health & safety, and environmental safety and performance. We do so by possessing the following accreditation:

  • BPCA Member Company
  • BS EN 16636 Certified
  • CEPA Certified
  • BPCA Registered
  • Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Supporter
  • ISO9001 Registered Firm (Quality Assurance)
  • ISO14001 Registered Firm (Environmental Management)
  • Checkatrade Approved
  • SafeContractor
  • CHAS
  • SEPA Licenced Waste Carriers
  • IPAF
  • Fully Insured (£10M Public & Employers Liability Insurance)

What Pests Can We Help Get Rid Of?

Being the 4th largest city in Scotland, The City of Dundee has grown to be a sprawling city, with quite a few residential as well as commercial complexes, some really old and some very new & modern. Pests in general like to live around people, some even need humans to survive, for this reason we will inevitably see a number of pests trying to exploit our homes and businesses.

Our professional team of pest controllers can keep your family members safe and your business protected from uninvited guests. Whether it is pests as Mice, Cockroaches and rats, that cause a public health risk, or perhaps Bed Bugs that keep us up at bedtime, textile pests like Moths, or perhaps Wasp nest, our well trained pest controllers have the abilities and know-how to protect your house or your business from these uninvited pests.

Common pests located in Dundee and the Scottish East Coast area consist of:

  • Rats – Northfield as a seaport town saw Rats initially introduced via the multitude of ships docking in the harbour. As the 4th largest city in Scotland these rodents have grown to be well established and thrive near humans and our habitats. Rats are prolific spreaders of disease-causing pathogens and are usually thought to be a public health risk. Symptoms of Rat ailments are popular and consist of droppings, smell, damage from teeth marks, smudge marks and urine stains. We’re here to help should you face some trouble with Rats.
  • Mice – Northfield, like several cities, have a significant and well-established issue with Mice. Mice breed rapidly and can fit through spaces as small as 6mm so they can readily enter both our houses and business premises. Like Rats, their tell tale signs are teeth marks and dropping, just in lesser scale. Contact the industry experts and we are going to provide a rapid reaction to deal with the mouse activity and safeguard your premises.
  • Common Garden Ants – Colonies of the Ants, known as nests, normally reside in the ground outside, but as workers are trying to find sugary meal debris to help assist the colony and its growth, they’ll regularly invade our homes and businesses. Most DIY treatment options for this type of Ants generally fail thanks to incomplete elimination. Contact the professionals now to get the issue resolved.
  • Wasp Nest Removal – Northfield. Efforts to remove and destroy a wasp nest, also called a Wasp Byke, can be risky if not conducted the right way and with the ample know-how and skill. Wasps nest are often present in subfloors, wall cavities, attics or in the ground because they exploit several areas in a home or even building. We constantly recommend leaving the removal of a wasp nest to a completely insured professional who has the correct information as well as skill to resolve the issue.
  • Bees – These insects are actually vital for the pollination of our plants and flowers, and also as they’re declining in numbers, they shouldn’t be disturbed. They seldom sting and can be moved by a beekeeper but only if they present a true health and safety hazard.
  • Dermestes Beetles – These beetles are basic scavengers and include species such as Hide Beetle and Larder Beetle. They’re one of the most common pest issues we handle on a day to day basis. They’re commonly seen in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms where they feed on skin, hair, food debris and dust. They are specifically seen at the wall/floor edge of wooden floors or carpets.
  • Varied Carpet Beetle – These beetles live off hair, skin, dust as well as food debris usually present in carpet fibres. They’re small and oval with black, brown and grey speckles on their back. Similar to Demestes Beetles, they are common scavengers.
  • Cockroaches – Cockroach infestations are most prevalent in humid and warm areas of a room or maybe building, such as bathtubs and kitchens. Probably the most common species we face in the UK is Oriental Cockroaches and German Cockroaches.
  • Bed Bugs – Bed Bugs are actually a blood sucking parasite, that may be an actual upsetting encounter. Moreover, they simply require a host to thrive, thus they’re usually found in the hospitality business, where they are able to result in considerable reputation damage and thus harm to the company. It is essential to ensure the appropriate treatment for this pest or the infestation will reoccur. In order to eliminate an infestation a procedure should be made up of either a traditional insecticidal application of 4 or perhaps more visits or heat therapy. It can be a costly mistake to choose the cheapest treatment, as it may lead to incomplete elimination. Our therapies are guaranteed and sufficient to ensure the problem won’t return. Call us for the appropriate guidance today.
  • Fleas – Probably the most widespread species of biting insect is the Cat Flea. This is not a problem which only affects those that have pets, because they can be picked up in several public areas such as cinemas, offices and shops and be brought home. Flea bites are often seen in a straight line of 3 on the seam of clothing, and generally on the arms and legs.
  • Flies / Flying Insects – Several species of Flying Insects that could result in issues, are quite typical in the UK. These include Green Bottles, Blue Bottles, Lesser House Fly, House Fly, Cluster Flies, Fruit Flies, Drain Fly and more.
  • Moths – The most typical Moths that fall within the category as pest are Moths classed as textile pests which impact clothing and Stored Product Insects which impact certain raw or milled food products.
  • Grey Squirrels – Grey Squirrels are closely associated with Rats and like Rats have to continually gnaw on surfaces which are hard to keep their ever-growing front teeth at correct length. They’re harmless when outdoors but can cause serious damage if they enter a house. They have the tendency to nest in loft spaces and can quickly chew through timber like a roof joist, pipes and electrical cables.
  • Rabbits – Management of Rabbits needs our specialist technicians in wildlife management.
  • Moles – The standard strategies of gassing have become less effective as limitations are imposed on the usage of chemical substances. Trapping is easily the most effective way and can prevent Moles from undermining fields, grounds, and gardens where livestock might get injuries from stepping on mole runs.
  • Pigeons – In order to achieve the best long term outcomes when managing Feral Pigeons, preventative methods for instant spikes or installation of netting are the preferred options. In case a general decrease in a population on a site is needed more direct methods like shooting, or trapping may be used when appropriate.
  • Gulls (Seagulls) – Gulls have a tendency to become quite aggressive during breeding season and pose serious danger to safety and health for individuals because they can easily attack anyone, they believe to be a danger. Effective control is therefore essential. Control methods can be Falconry, Egg & Nest Clearance and Gull Deterrent Systems. As this job could solely be undertaken by a pro with special licence it is important you get the right advice.

Contact our Northfield based group on 01382 768 888 for more information or to arrange a visit.

What To Expect From Us When You Call Pest Solutions

When you call us, we will be available for you to give you the info as well as assistance you need. You are going to get through to a helpful member of our business assistance staff and we will ask you a few simple questions that will allow us to help you in the best way.

The questions we ask will help us know what kind of pest issue you might be having, thus we will ask you questions in relation to what you have seen, what you have encountered and where the problem is, and anything else you might have seen that might help us to create a possible diagnosis. The information helps us give you the most effective solution and a possible plan for treatment over the telephone. It also provides a quick alternative to plan a visit by one of our helpful members to attend to the issue and get the work needed to solve the matter done.

Pest Solutions In Dundee - Pest Solutions

If we’re not able to determine on the telephone what pest you are experiencing as an issue, one of our professional surveyors can conduct a free Survey for you to help you figure out what action is required.

As a standard our Identification Surveys are actually free of charge. In the event you need an Investigative or Height Survey, they could be chargeable at our regular price of £60+vat. This fee is going to be refunded against your treatment quote in case you wish to proceed.

Our objective is to have our staff member along with you as fast as possible. Whenever you call us for a Survey, our Technicians will call back to arrange an appointment with you in a 2hr time slot within 24hrs of your booking. Nonetheless, whenever possible our objective is to be with you the same day.

We can provide you with guru assistance at any time of day, through our 24-hour helpline. We do suggest that Domestic bookings be arranged during typical working hours. That way you prevent the incurrence of out-of-hours call out costs. There is no actual benefit of out-of-hours call out as most pest issues demand more than one treatment visit and although we could conveniently charge extra for these services, we take pride in always offering honest and professional suggestions at an affordable rate.

Pest Control Near Me In Northfield

This local branch office situated at Exchange Court, Dundee, DD1 3EJ, offers pest control near Northfield and even includes Perth, Blairgowrie, Forfar, St Andrews, Arbroath, Angus, Fife, and also Perthshire.

ARTICLE BY Chris Cagienard

Managing Director

Chris Cagienard leads a busy life in the pest control industry, as well as being in the 'driving seat' of Pest Solutions, he's also the Vice President of the BPCA. With over 20 years of pest control experience, Chris's insight and advice is second to none.

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