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Pest Control Audit Standards

Tesco Food Manufacturing Standard (TFMS)

About the TESCO Food Manufacturing Standard with regards to pest control. The TESCO Food Manufacturing Standard (TFMS) is a required benchmark for all food & drink related companies who currently supply products, ingredients or packaging materials to TESCO supermarkets.

Tesco Food Manufacturing Standard (TFMS) - Pest Control

Tesco Food Manufacturing Standard (TFMS) Requires Professional Pest Control

This standard expects the highest levels of quality assurance and effectiveness of the clients controls and procedures.

The audit specification is considered as one of the most rigorous audit criteria and is therefore a very prestigious standard to achieve.

Achieve the Tesco Food Manufacturing Standard (TFMS) Pest Control Requirement

Achieve and Maintain TESCO TFMS for Pest Control with our Pest Control Plus Service. Our Pest Control Plus service package provides and exceeds all aspects of the latest TESCO Food Manufacturing Standard (TFMS) relating to the provision of Pest Control.

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We continue to develop our systems to ensure that we move in line with advancements in these Technical Standards; ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality service and that they can have genuine confidence in choosing Pest Solutions to deliver services that help achieve and maintain these prestigious standards.

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