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Fly Screen Windows

Our fly screens and window screens are the ideal solution to annoying insects entering your property and causing a bother. Flying insects can not only be a major nuisance but can also pose a very real health risk when they enter our homes- and more so our businesses, especially where food products are involved.

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Due to the nature of how most flying insects feed they will readily pass on harmful bacteria and contaminate food stuffs and perpetration surfaces with ease. In fact, flies are one of the most prolific causes of disease facing our country today.

Fly Screens Can Help to Prevent the Spread of Disease

Imagine a fly has just feasted on some waste food left lying in a bin, or some animal mess on the street. With that done, it will then fly off in search of more to eat. What happens when it spots an item of food on a clean preparation surface? Flies aren’t particularly concerned with health and hygiene- they will land on anything they can devour. What’s especially unpleasant, though, is the way that flies actually consume their food. They don’t have teeth, so they are unable to chew like we are. Instead, they vomit the contents of their stomach onto that fresh food in order to partially dissolve it, before sucking it up. Yes, this includes not just stomach acid, but also any undigested food which may be in their too- and in our example, that means some very nasty material indeed. Any bacteria from the waste will thus be carried onto otherwise clean food and contaminate it. Even if the fly doesn’t tuck in to what it has landed on, it will still be carrying even more bacteria on its feet where it previously came into contact with waste.

As you can see, then, flies of all species can pose a serious health risk to humans. For the food manufacturing industry specifically, it is crucial that action is taken against flying insects. The risk of contamination is too great to merely hope that no flies will reach the food products that you are producing. If given the opportunity, flies will land on and eat any food they can find. This is where fly screens can be especially useful to protect our health. Whether at home or in the workplace, fly screens are remarkably effective in protecting key areas from flying pests.

Keep Flying Pests Out of Your Home or Business

Fly screens can also protect against biting insects such as midges, which are very common in Scotland in particular. By installing a fly screen, you will be able to keep your windows open in the summer to enjoy a cool breeze, without bringing a cloud of biting insects with it. Similarly, they will also prevent moths and other flying insects from being drawn to the light inside your home.

A correctly installed fly screen or window screen can help to exclude flying insects from any areas that you want to protect. Whether you use just the one to keep insects out of a certain room or install a whole set of fly screens across your whole home or business, they are a highly flexible and effective solution. This is a huge benefit in your home, but in food-related businesses this is a health and safety or audit requirement. Don’t let flying pests make their home in your property. Instead, install fly screens today, and keep them at bay for good.

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Pest Solutions can provide a full range of fly screens and window screens to meet all your needs. Of course, every building is different, and we want to ensure our solutions match up with your requirements perfectly. That’s why we offer free, no-obligation surveys to assess your property for fly screens. This will let our expert technicians come up with the ideal plan of action for your property and inform you of all the options available to you. You don’t have to take us up on our offer- but once you see the price and the professionalism we bring to every job, we are sure you will be more than happy to do so.

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Pest Solutions are the Flying Insect Control experts. We are fully equipped to deal with any infestations you might be facing, as well as installing reliable pest protection that will keep your property free from unwelcome visitors for many years to come. For all aspects of Pest Control & Fly Screen Doors & Windows simply call Pest Solutions on 0800 027 2555 to arrange a FREE survey or a service call out. Our professional and discrete technicians are ready to help and advise you to ensure that your peace of mind is restored.