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Fly Screen Doors

Fly screen doors aren’t just an effective way of keeping pest insects out of your property- they are also an audit requirement for many food manufacturing companies. Let Pest Solutions fit your building with an extra layer of defence against flying insects, and discover for yourself just how much of a difference they can make.

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Flying Insects Can Be a Real Pain- But Pest Solutions Are Here to Help

In the summer when the temperature starts to rise, many people will look to cool themselves down by leaving their doors open. But while this certainly does help to take the heat off, an open door will let more than just a cool breeze into your property. Flying insects will also make their way inside in search of food, and this can pose a serious threat to health and hygiene. Since insects will feast on even the most disgusting substances, they could end up bringing in all sorts of nasty bacteria and diseases into your home or business.

Of course, you could just leave your doors and windows closed, but this will often leave you feeling hot and bothered as you are stifled by the hot summer air. Instead, fly screen doors are an effective way of allowing cool air to circulate, without bringing a cloud of insects in with it. They work by using a thin, breathable mesh layer which lets air through, but with holes too small for flies to get through. We only use the top fly screen technology on the market to deliver outstanding results and keep all manner of flying insects at bay.

Fly Screen Doors Keep Insects Out

These fly doors fit securely over your existing door and are generally simple for a pest control professional to install. What’s more, they are highly affordable, allowing anyone to take advantage of these powerful pest control solutions. This also makes it possible to install multiple fly screen doors across your property, to keep your home or business completely covered. After all, there’s no sense in making one door insect-proof, but still leaving other entrances open to flying insects.

Fly screen doors are particularly useful for patio doors, which many people often leave open while they are out in the garden. Instead of making this common mistake, a fly screen door offers a non-obtrusive way of bringing your home and garden closer together, while still putting up a barrier against flying insects. These doors also tend to work best when used in conjunction with fly screen windows, so that insects won’t have any easy entrances into your home. Finally, for the ultimate in flying insect protection, we can also install fly control units that will catch any outliers and zap them before they can cause any issues in your home or business.

Every property is different, and we therefore don’t like to use a one-size-fits-all approach to pest control. What might work for one building won’t necessarily be the right choice for another, so we avoid this design method. Instead, we carefully consider all the options to come up with the best possible solution to your pest issues. That’s why we are pleased to offer free, no-obligation surveys to all prospective customers. As well as helping our professional pest control technicians to come up with the right plan of action, this also allows us to give accurate up-front quotes for each project. Furthermore, it will show you just how professional our pest control technicians are, and let you experience first-hand the level of expertise we possess.

Don’t Let Flying Insects Take Over Your Property- Contact Pest Solutions Today

Here at Pest Solutions, we have successfully dealt with countless flying insect infestations over the years. This gives us the necessary first-hand knowledge on how to best tackle these irritating pests and keep them out of your home for good. We highly recommend installing fly screen doors and windows in your home or business for the utmost insect protection. If you are already suffering from a flying insect infestation, then don’t panic- we can assist with these cases as well. We take our role very seriously at Pest Solutions, so you can count on us to always bring an unparalleled level of professionalism and expertise to every job.

For all aspects of pest control and fly screen doors or windows, call Pest Solutions today on 0800 027 2555 to arrange a FREE survey or a service call out. Our professional and discrete technicians are ready to help and advise you to ensure that your peace of mind is restored.