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Rodents and Disease Transmission

The Very Real Dangers of Rodents and Disease Transmission. Depending upon your geographical location, various insects and wildlife pose a threat to you and your property should they decide to make your home theirs. In some cases, this is simply annoying. However, the vast majority are quite troublesome. If you are at risk for a rodent invasion, then you need to understand the very real dangers of rodents and disease transmission that can occur.

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Rats, mice and other rodents infesting your home can put you and your family in great peril. The potential for illness due to these rodent pests comes from them directly, the fleas, ticks and mites they carry, and the droppings & urine left in their wake that can harbor bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms. If you suspect you have them making a nest in your home or have confirmed that they are present, you need to take action immediately to help prevent the potential risk of property damage or disease.

The History of Rodents and Disease Transmission…

An example of the type of devastation that can be caused by rodents is the Black Plague of Europe centuries ago. Countless people died across the continent from the bubonic plague due to bites from infected fleas. These fleas reproduced and lived on the rats that helped to rapidly transport them and the disease, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

While you may have heard of cat scratch fever, did you know that there is a similar disease that can be caught through rats known as rat bite fever? The name is a misnomer because you can contract it through a scratch or even by moving an infected dead rat.

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Common Diseases Propagated by Rodents…

Rats are also known to spread leptospirosis, a disease that can lead to cardiovascular challenges as well as renal and liver failure. You can get it through handling them or even inhaling scat particles in the air, which is one of the many reasons that you should always have a professional take care of any infestations and cleanup in and around your home.

A discussion of rodents and disease transmission would be incomplete without mentioning the potential for allergic triggers from the invading rats. The dander and fur that are shed by them can create similar reactions to that from cats and dogs. Additionally, their droppings can cause allergic reactions.

A viral infection that can occur due to contact with rat saliva or urine is LCMV or lymphocytic choriomeningitis. While some people only have a mild and short-term reaction, others may experience long-term repercussions from contracting the viral infection.

Certain species of rodents are known to carry particular diseases, which creates additional dangers to those people who have them. For instance, the rice rat transmits the viral disease Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome through their urine and feces. Ticks that have fed from the bushy-tailed woodrat can transmit Colorado Tick Fever while sand flies carry the parasitic disease Cutaneous Leishmaniasis from wild woodrats.

Effective Rodent Control From Pest Solutions…

If you have an infestation, do not attempt to eradicate them yourself. This can cause additional problems and any of them that are not killed in your initial attempts will set up  a nest elsewhere that may be more difficult for you to find and treat.

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You will need to have a pest control expert like Pest Solutions treat the rat infestation professionally to guarantee control. You should have any cleanup of droppings and urine carried out professionally as well. Otherwise, you may stir up disease-causing organisms. You may need to repair damages to your property as well. The threat of rodents and disease transmission is something that you need to take seriously to protect yourself and your family!

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ARTICLE BY Chris Cagienard

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