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Pests Can Affect Your Business

How Pests Can Affect Your Business and What You Can Do About Them

If you own a business and are responsible for the property where it operates, then you need to make sure that you manage it well. Part of this is understanding how pests can affect your business. While you may be busy with other aspects of your company, overlooking this can harm your company and possibly others nearby.

The potential for pests exists everywhere though the specific ones you need to be concerned with will depend on where you live. You need to know what types of bugs and other infestations are common in your community so you can avoid them if possible. However, not every invader can be deterred so easily.

Rodents are one of the most troubling pests that you can have get into your building. Squirrels are known to make nests in attics; a similar space in your office building could be equally inviting. Although rats and mice often enter at ground level, they are content to set up a nest at any suitable location in your walls, crawl spaces and other areas that humans are not.

No matter what type of rodents you have, they can wreak havoc on the structure of your building very quickly. These animals have an insatiable urge to gnaw and their teeth never stop growing. They will chew through your wood, plastic, and other materials, weakening the board or structure.

The troubles do not end there. Rodents will leave urine and feces all along the trails that they take and have a concentration of them near the home nest. These waste materials will begin to rot organic materials such as plywood and create a breeding ground for disease.

While they are creating nests, the rodents will not limit themselves to the wood and related structural materials. The wiring in the building is also at risk. You could end up with thousands of dollars in repair bills from one small rodent infestation that went unchecked for a few months.

No matter what type of business you operate, customers are sure to be upset if they see or hear rodents in the building. In fact, you are likely to lose business that day and receive negative reviews online. It is not only rodents that would turn customers off. Pests such as snakes and bugs have the same effect.

You should have snakes removed because of this, even if the species is not poisonous. At the very least, these pests can affect your business by scaring customers.

The repair bills from a rodent infestation can be quite considerable. The same is true for termites and any pest that damages the building materials.

If your building stores textiles, you may be at risk for a moth invasion while all companies are susceptible to flies entering through open doors and windows. You may lose a considerable amount of product if the moths are not noticed quickly.

You will need to pay a professional to remove any pests that are in your office building and strongly consider appropriate preventative measures. In addition to that expense, you also need to have the area restored so that it is safe and clean again.

Having pests in your business can do a great deal of damage to the business reputation. This is even more important for those in the hospitality industry though all types of companies suffer from reviews that talk about bugs.

The fact is that pests can affect your business and have a significant negative financial impact on your business in multiple ways. You simply cannot afford to ignore any type of infestation and should strive to prevent pests from making a home on your property altogether.

ARTICLE BY Chris Cagienard

Managing Director

Chris Cagienard leads a busy life in the pest control industry, as well as being in the 'driving seat' of Pest Solutions, he's also the Vice President of the BPCA. With over 20 years of pest control experience, Chris's insight and advice is second to none.



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