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Pest Control Service

Pest Control National Contracts

Our national pest control contracts are ideal for large companies looking to stay protected from rodents, insects, birds, and other animals that pose a threat to health and safety. When you work with Pest Solutions, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything for you- no matter how big your business might be.

Pest Control National Contracts - Pest Solutions - Pest Prevention


Don’t Make Any Mistakes When It Comes to Pest Control

Pest control is an essential task for any company, large or small. Every branch needs to be properly protected, using an approach that is tailored to each individual property but still forms a cohesive whole. However, for nationwide companies, this is easier said than done. If pest control is left up to each individual branch, then discrepancies may open up which puts certain locations at risk of an infestation. To ensure that the right safeguards are in place, it’s a smart idea to hire a single, professional pest control company for national contracts- and at Pest Solutions, we are perfectly equipped to provide you with exactly that.

The consequences of a pest infestation can be enormous- particularly for companies that handle food and drink. Many species of pest are opportunistic feeders, meaning they will feast on any consumables they can get their hands on. Even a minor infestation could therefore compromise a huge amount of your stock, which could end up costing you a lot of money to replace all of that lost stock. In addition, health inspectors could impose heavy fines on your company if you do not meet your pest control obligations, or even close you down completely. You need to be able to show that you have the proper safeguards in place across your entire business- and our national contracts provide you with exactly what you need to do this.

National Pest Control Contracts Make Audit Compliance a Whole Lot Simpler

Our professional pest control technicians will liaise with individual store managers, and report back to your appointed national contract manager with all the information they need. Our job is to provide you with peace of mind that everything is being taken care of so that you can rest assured that your company isn’t under any unnecessary threat from pests. We will also prepare in-depth yet easy-to-understand reports to highlight the protection we have put in place, which you can then pass on to auditors to prove that you are meeting their compliance requirements.

As standard, our national pest control contracts cover rats and mice, along with insects. These are the most common pest species that we encounter, and our basic packages therefore provide a high level of protection against the typical threats that most businesses face. However, we aim to be as flexible as possible with our national pest control contracts, so as to provide your company with exactly what you need to remain audit-compliant and pest-free. If certain branches of your business are under threat from particular pest species, then we can easily add tailored protection on to the basic contract, providing a cost-effective solution to suit your precise needs.


Our Technicians Are Always Here to Help

Pest Solutions has branches located all across the UK. This means that we can promptly respond to any and all call outs, and you can rest assured that one of our professional technicians is never far away should an issue arise. Our pest control national contracts also allow us to provide your staff with valuable hands-on training so that they are better equipped to spot the signs of a potential infestation. The earlier a pest problem is detected, the easier it will be for our technicians to get things back to normal- and the less of a risk there will be to health and hygiene. This is particularly important for food manufacturing plants and restaurants, where there are strict rules about pest control that need to be followed to the letter.

Contact Pest Solutions Today for Tailored National Pest Control Contracts

Don’t leave your business at risk of a pest infestation. Instead, hire Pest Solutions for the optimum national pest control contract to suit your company. Whether you have three branches or three hundred, you can rest assured that our team of professionals will be able to manage the logistics and delivery of a high-quality pest control service. Thanks to frequent inspections and expert insight, an infestation in any of your properties will be highly unlikely. However, in the rare circumstances where a problem does arise, our technicians are never far from the scene and can respond promptly to have the issue under control in no time at all. For a friendly, efficient approach to pest control, the choice is clear: Pest Solutions’ national contracts are the ideal choice.

To find out more about what we have to offer, or to arrange a FREE survey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just call us on 0800 027 2555, and we will be able to talk you through your options. Our services are always discrete and professional, so you can count on Pest Solutions to deliver the results you need across your entire company.

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