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Pest Control Ballingry

Our local division located in the City of Edinburgh has a professional staff of pro Pest Prevention Technicians, Field Biologists, Account Managers, and support staff that are available 24×7 to help solve your pest issues.
From Rodents to Insects, Pigeons to Gulls our helpful team of professionals are here to assist now.

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Ballingry Pest Solutions

Established in 2001 with almost twenty years of saving our Ballingry client’s homes and businesses.

Our team are longing to give you a hand with any kind of Vermin Control requirements. located within Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and helping the entire East of Scotland we render a quick, discrete and affordable range of pest prevention & control services.

This local branch includes Pest control in Edinburgh, West Lothian, East Lothian, Midlothian, Fife & Perthshire. Contact on 0131 526 3220 now for a FREE survey and no obligation quote.


Commercial Pest Control Ballingry

Pest Solutions Ballingry commercial pest management staff offer a complete range of professional services.

Our specialist professionals are ready to solve any pest problems which are causing a threat to your company operation. Request a free Survey and quote to find out more about our especially tailored service plan which will help to keep your business pest-free.

We offer efficient pest removal for business environments in the City of Edinburgh as well as the neighboring areas. Instead of merely concentrating on handling pest infestations as they show up we protect our customers by employing a modern general integrated pest management approach combining education, practical advice, proofing and when needed, chemical, cultural and biological control techniques to set up sustainable long lasting control and pest prevention.

Our Vermin Control Edinburgh service plans for commercial businesses include a scheduled visit programme to inspect any problems or maybe possible issues on-site, education, in-depth record-keeping and active communication to prevent pests as well as disease vectors from seriously affecting your company operation or status.
A professional member of our Ballingry account management team can perform a free comprehensive pest risk analysis as well as site evaluation of your premises so you understand about any threats that pests might pose to your company. This helps us to offer an affordable, ongoing service plan to cover all of the needs of your business. Enabling you to concentrate on whatever you do best certain that the pest professionals are really protecting your workers, customers, product, and business status from the actual risks presented by pests.

Today there’s an expectation from customers for business owners to meet the highest standards of quality assurance. Food safety laws and the legislation connected with any company providing the food industry mean that there’s a need for businesses to have the best quality commercial pest service set up to meet due diligence.

We provide affordable pest management services for all sorts of properties including, deli’s, cafes, restaurants, pubs, takeaways, hotels, schools, guest houses, storage facilities, warehouses, manufacturing sites, firms, food manufacturing locations and many more.

Our Pest Control Plus service is created for this purpose. Meeting and exceeding the specifications of all present audit standards ensuring that your business satisfies all compliance as well as expectation from customers and auditors.

We are certain that you will find our pest services great value for money with the best plan depending on the highest industry knowledge. From service agreements to dealing with specific pest control issues we have the expertise that you require. We’ve a wide variety of services and products to protect your property from any problems that could develop. We’ve the experience to make sure the reduction of issues of all types of property and premises.

We take pride in doing a great job and almost all of our business comes from consumer recommendation. As a pest control business, we were given the position of finalists in the “best company” category of the UK PMA awards.

Domestic Pest Control Ballingry

We know that is very upsetting to encounter an infestation in your house.
Many pests live close to humans and some pest species actually specifically require the presence of people in order to survive. Because of this, it is not uncommon for domestic Ballingry pest control issues to affect even the cleanest and tidiest of properties.

At Pest Solutions Ballingry, we know just how distressing this could be, and our Ballingry residential pest specialists are here to provide an immediate, professional, and discrete service to help you reclaim your house from unwelcome pests.

From mice and rats to ants and wasps, our highly trained pest technicians are ready to react quickly to provide the solution to your domestic pest control in Ballingry. If you call us we’ll either evaluate the infestation over the telephone or perhaps plan a FREE survey so that we can offer you the most appropriate tips about the top strategy to eliminate the problem pest and give advice on helping to stop any pest activity from returning.
Our Service Technicians are very skilled and certified to the necessary RSPH/BPCA standards and are prepared to immediately determine all kinds of pests which may affect your house and set the most effective type of control ready to suit your individual circumstances.

We know experiencing an infestation is often a sensitive issue and that it is important that all treatments are carried out in a discrete way as well as promptly. You can trust Pest Solutions in Ballingry to deliver a service that will help you to recover your peace safe in the knowledge that a fully qualified as well as insured specialist is here to help you get rid of that pest today.

Pest Bird Control Ballingry

Pest Birds and related issues can create a major health & safety risk and having the ability to seriously damage buildings and structures. Our expert Ballingry Bird Control group is ready to safeguard you from the consequences of bird related problems.

Bird fouling can certainly result in a risk of slips and falls as well as being a transmission route for several bacteria as well as disease-causing pathogens. Being acidic it can also harm and stain stonework and paint on the complexes and structures throughout Ballingry. When deposited in huge amount it can additionally cause damage because of its ability to hold moisture and the sheer mass of guano that can be deposited. It’s even a breeding ground for many insect pests.
Feral Pigeons and their nesting sites can additionally create a nuisance and larger birds like Gulls (Seagulls) can even get very aggressive during the breeding season.

The population of nuisance birds is on the rise with numbers of pigeons and Gulls in the city of Edinburgh continue to increase and connected risks of these birds also increase with it. Our Bird Control staff are knowledgeable and well qualified in the use of numerous effective control measures which could be deployed to manage these species and safeguard people and structures in the East of Scotland.

Bird Proofing. Effective strategies of control and management are:

  • Bird Netting Systems
  • Spike & Wire Systems
  • Laser Deterrent Systems
  • Electronic Bird Scarers
  • Falconry for Pest Control Services

One of our specialists can visit and carry out a FREE Survey to evaluate the issue you are experiencing with pest birds and give a proposal explaining the readily available choices to tackle both the issue you’re currently experiencing as well as to protect your home, company, building or structure from the effects of birds in the future.

We are additionally able to guide and help on all requirements associated with Licencing as all species are defended by law and as of April 1st 2020 in many instances (excluding Feral Pigeons & Canada Geese) a special licence may have to be applied for to take some measures legally. Make sure to get the correct guidance to make sure you’re not unintentionally breaking the law.

Call us 0131 526 3220 today for more information or a free Survey and a no-obligation quote for just about any issues.

Professional Ballingry Pest Prevention Service

Why go for Pest Solutions? We take great pride in being at the forefront of professionalism and customer care within the pest management sector.

Many may think that the City of Edinburgh Council may prove to be to most economical choice but in many instances the cost of our pest control are usually more competitive with faster response as well as follow-up time. We care greatly about ensuring customer satisfaction and a great deal of our business comes from references because we make certain that customers have the reassurance to recommend us confidently.

You can select us confidently because we are full active members of the British Pest control Association (BPCA), the best Trade Association in the UK who necessitate all members to fulfill the BS EN 16636 British Standard for Pest Managers.
We’ve committed ourselves in taking this standard of professionalism higher by being Certified to the BS EN 16636 standard by Bureau Veritas as part of our membership of the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA).

All of our team are extremely skilled and are needed to meet the standards of membership of the BPCA Registered CPD scheme and hold a relevant RSPH/BPCA Level 2 Award as a minimal. Many of our specialists are qualified to BPCA Level three Advanced Technician or greater as we strongly believe that if our staff are constantly improving their skills they will be able to make sure we provide the highest standards to our clients.

Focused on maintaining the highest standards of customer support, quality, health & safety, and environmental safety we additionally have the following accreditation:

  • BPCA Member Company
  • BS EN 16636 Certified
  • CEPA Certified
  • BPCA Registered
  • Campaign For Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Supporter
  • ISO9001 Registered Firm (Quality Assurance)
  • ISO14001 Registered Firm (Environmental Management)
  • Checkatrade Approved
  • SafeContractor
  • CHAS
  • SEPA Licenced Waste Carriers
  • IPAF
  • Fully Insured (£10M Public & Employers Liability Insurance)

What Pests Can We Help Get Rid Of?

The city of Edinburgh has become huge and sprawling with many areas of residential and commercial buildings, both quite old and incredibly modern. As pests like to live in close proximity to humans we see a number of pests that like to try and exploit our businesses and homes.

Safeguard your premises from unwanted guests. From Wasp Nests to Bed Bugs, from a mouse sighting to a plague of Cockroaches or rats, pest controllers have the abilities as well as know-how to cope with the removal of an infestation or problem to guarantee the security of your business or family.

Common pests found in Ballingry and the Scottish East Coast area include:

  • Rats – In relation to pest difficulties with Rats, Ballingry as a city, with its network of very old buildings connected by subterranean voids tunnels is especially vulnerable. We’re here to protect your household or company status from the health threat linked to a rat or rodent infestation. In case you’re facing the experience of a Rat trouble contact us today and have a professional pest controller attend today. Signs of a Rat issue include sightings, a smell, droppings, smear stains and damage to structures or materials from gnawing.
  • Mice – Ballingry has got a history of substantial and well established mouse infestations. The old buildings with their internally connected cavity walls and voids offer ample access points for a mice issue to manifest rapidly. Signs of mice resemble that of Rats though the droppings are quite smaller. Mice can gain entry through holes as small as 6mm so can conveniently get access through actually the tiniest of holes. We’re ready to provide a quick reaction to manage mouse activity and protect your property.
  • Common Garden Ants – This Ant will most likely build nests in the ground outside however, the workers will regularly enter our businesses and homes to search for sugary food debris to support the colony and its development. Most DIY remedies for Ants are not effective against these insects. Get in touch with the specialists right now for more info or to fix the issue.
  • Wasp Nest Removal – Ballingry. Referred to a Byke, a Wasps nest can be built in an attic, wall cavities, subfloor or perhaps in the earth as they’re able to exploit a number of different areas in a home or other building. We always recommend leaving a Wasp Nest removal to the trained experts with the knowledge as well as expertise to safely and effectively solve this Wasp Nest pest problem.
  • Bees – These important insects are decreasing in numbers and shouldn’t be managed unless they pose a direct health and safety hazard. They will rarely sting and must be allowed to remain at all costs to allow them to pollinate our flowers and plants.
  • Dermestes Beetles – This genus includes species such as Larder Beetle and Hide Beetle and it is among the most typical pest infestation types that we deal with on a daily basis. Usually found in kitchens, bathrooms as well as living rooms especially at the wall/floor edge of carpets or wooden floors.
  • Varied Carpet Beetle – Generally found on the window sills in carpeted rooms where they feed on any hair, skin, dirt or food debris which accumulate in the carpet fibers.
  • Cockroaches – In most cases, a Cockroach infestation will occur in the humid and warm parts of a home or building. In the UK we most commonly encounter Oriental Cockroaches & German Cockroaches.
  • Bed Bugs – These biting insects can result in significant agony and seriously impact the reputation of hospitality companies. These parasites feed on human blood and require only the presence of a host to survive. A Bed Bug infestation necessitates a high level of expertise and know-how to correctly eliminate. A Bed Bug treatment process must include possibly a normal insecticidal application of 4 or maybe more visits or heat treatment. Incomplete or incorrect elimination of Bedbugs can be a costly blunder. Get the right suggestions about precisely how to eliminate Bed Bugs today.
  • Fleas – Cat Fleas are one of the most typical species of biting insect that is actually found in commercial and domestic buildings. Infesting not just homes with a pet present, it’s easy to pick up Fleas in many public spaces and bring them home. They will generally bite on the arms as well as legs and often in a straight line of three bites along the seam of clothes.
  • Flies / Flying Insects – There are lots of types of Flying Insects that will inflict us in the UK such as Green Bottles, Blue Bottles, Lesser House Fly, House Fly, Cluster Flies, Fruit Flies, Drain Fly and more.
  • Moths – There are a number of moth species that affect us in the UK which mostly fall under the category of textile pests which have an effect on clothing or stored product insects that affect some raw or milled food ingredients.
  • Grey Squirrels – Harmless if they remain outdoors. Nevertheless, classed as vermin when entering our houses by climbing walls and getting in the loft they can eaisly lead to a lot of damage. Grey Squirrels, like pretty much all rodents, have to chew frequently to keep their teeth| at a proper length. They do not care if that’s a roof beam, a water pipe or perhaps and electric cable.
  • Rabbits – Need the professional knowledge of our wildlife trained specialists.
  • Moles – With restrictions to conventional techniques of gassing it’s currently generally considerably more effective to trap for Moles to prevent harm to ground or risk to livestock.
  • Pigeons – Techniques of control include trapping & shooting where appropriate. The more successful preventive method of bird proofing such as the fitting of spikes or netting will offer long-term benefits.
  • Gulls (Seagulls) – Successful control of hostile behaviour during their breeding season is essential to safeguard the health & safety of individuals close by. Nonetheless, with a particular licence necessary for any Gull control, it is now far more vital than ever to get the appropriate advice and direction from the experts.

Contact our Ballingry based team on 0131 526 3220 for additional details or to arrange a call out.

What To Expect When You Call Pest Solutions

We are here if you need us. Whenever you call you will get through to a helpful member of our office support team who’ll ask you a few simple questions in order to allow us to assist you in the best way we can.

We will ask for info about what you have seen or perhaps experienced; the place where you’ve noticed the issue, and other evidence you’ve noted that might allow us to make a suitable examination of the pest issue you’re experiencing. This information might enable us to diagnose the best solution and treatment program over the phone and immediately allow us to get you booked in for a friendly member of our team to attend and get the work required underway.

If we are unable to determine the pest you’re experiencing an issue with or the amount of the issue on the telephone, don’t worry, one of our experienced surveyors can attend to conduct a FREE Survey to determine the best course of action.
Identification Surveys are generally free of charge. Nonetheless, an Investigative or Height Surveys can be chargeable at our standard price of £60+vat with this fee refunded against your treatment quote if you want to proceed.

We will always wish to have our team member as quickly as possible. Our Technicians will most likely call to plan an appointment within a 2hr time slot at a time to suit you within 24hrs of your booking. But, we always strive to be with you the exact same day whenever possible.

Our 24hr helpline is always available to offer expert assistance at any time of day. We would always advise that Domestic bookings be scheduled during normal working hours to avoid the need to bear any out of hours call out costs. Many pest issues call for more than a single treatment visit, thus it’s usually the case that no real benefit is actually acquired by incurring the cost of an out of hours call out charge. Sure, we will charge you more for these services, but we pride ourselves in constantly giving truthful, professional advice at an affordable price.

Pest Control Near Me In Ballingry

This branch location offers pest control near Ballingry, the Lothians and the East of Scotland from our local branch office based in the city centre at 152 Morrison St, Ballingry, EH3 8EB.

Contact, call 0131 526 3220 to arrange a FREE survey.

Call The Pest Professionals Today

Are you searching for a Pest Control company with competitive prices that offers value for money? Have you tried the service of city of Edinburgh Council and yet have a pest problem. Get intouch with the Edinburgh pest control experts today.

Get rid of those unwanted pests affecting your home or business by dialing 0131 526 3220 to arrange a pest control professional visit.
Our team of professional and friendly technicians are here to respond quickly and carry out the right treatment to give you back peace of mind in your home or to safeguard your business.



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